DC Comics reviews 1/2/19

The Terrifics #11

the terrifics 11

Finally free of each other, Mister Terrific, Metamorpho, Phantom Girl and Plastic Man quickly learn maybe they were better together than apart.

Plastic Girl is back on her home planet, but isn’t ready to be back in the role of duchess. As daunting and dull as life back home sounds, her mother drops another bombshell that might send her racing back to Earth. Plastic Man tries to reconnect with his family with terrible results and Metamorpho questions if he wasn’t better off as a freak. This current job market would do that to anyone.

Mister Terrific meanwhile is continuing his quest to stop Java from wrecking the Multiverse. The Terrifics makes the most sense to be the DC team traveling through the Multiverse. He’s now finally ready to pursue Java across the Multiverse, but is not prepared for the changes on the Earth Java’s path takes him.

Writer Jeff Lemire immediately had a handle on his characters so this largely slow installment still works as he made it so easy to invest in the team. The Fantastic Four would have these occasional separation spats that reminded them they’re stronger as a unit.

Lemire takes this plot device to another level since the Terrifics aren’t bound by family ties. It makes their split seem more likely to sustain. Clearly that won’t be the case with this team book, but it adds so much more credibility that it’s a possibility.

Artist Viktor Boganovic seemed inspired this issue and despite the slower pace, provided some strong layouts from a storytelling perspective. This was easily his strongest work on the title and encouraging sign that he’s worked out the kinks of bouncing around from title to title and can now settle in on The Terrifics.

As a big fan of the Multiverse, I’m really excited about Lemire fully exploring the Earth Mister Terrific finds himself on. It should make next issue a lot of fun on a title that never fails to deliver the goods.

Rating: 9 out of 10