Gotham: To Our Deaths and Beyond review S4 E19

Heyyyy, look who remembered he still hadn’t finished Season 4 of Gotham in time for Season 5 to start today! And honestly, it’s not like Season 4 suddenly got lame or something. I just got distracted with other things and now it’s time to play binging catch up. To Our Deaths and Beyond was a fun welcome back to the mayhem and craziness of Gotham.

I don’t think a lot of shows have evolved as much from a shaky start to be as consistently entertaining as Gotham. Maybe Agents of SHIELD, but that got really good midway through its first season. Watching Gotham Season 4 is a reminder of how much everyone has changed from the midway point of Season 1. With the exception of Selina and Gordon.

Barbara keeps trying to trigger her demon’s head powers to no avail. Extreme stress has been known to bring it out and events are occurring to help speed that along.

Tabitha went along with Ra’s al Ghul loyalists to lure Bruce into their lair so they could get some of his Demon-killing blood to resurrect The Demon. Somehow this all makes perfectly logical sense. Ra’s resurrection isn’t quite as thorough as his crew expected and he looks like a Gotham version of The Batman Who Laughs. That surprisingly works pretty well and now I want some insane way to bring him onto the show. If anyone can make it happen it’s the Gotham writers.

gotham to our deaths and beyond - Jessica Lucas, Camren Bicondova and David Mazouz

Ra’s wants the Demon’s Hand, but Barbara is solidly on Team #NoTakeBacks. No problem for Ra’s as he kills off a slew of Barbara’s ninjas before she gets rescued by Bruce, Tabitha and Selina in the Proto-Batmobile. In order to take Ra’s down, they’ve got to track down the knife Bruce used to kill him again.

This led to a wacky, but fun Mission: Impossible inspired scene where Tabitha and Alfred distract the clerk while Selina rappels from the ceiling and snatches it. I love that Gotham just plays by its own rules with everything. This was goofy, but it cracked me up so it was a win.

Barbara is done playing along and has Selina give her the knife so she can kill Ra’s. This works out poorly as it has no effect. Only Bruce can kill him and Selina’s attack is meaningless. Hand to hand it is then. Even as a zombie, Ra’s is Barbara’s fighting superior. That makes sense since Barbara never did any formal fight training or anything. But she does tap into the Demon’s Hand, which allows her to see in the future.


The tease of Barbara getting stabbed was a shock. Tabitha’s death also had that Final Destination feel to it with Barbara being able to see possible outcomes. With Ra’s literally going to make good on his threat to kill Tabitha, Barbara reluctantly gives the Demon’s Hand back to Ra’s. She doesn’t need it anymore as her bravery convinced her ninja guild to stick with her. Ra’s has his good…young-ish looks back and rolls out. His mission is complete.

In the B-subplot, Lee and Riddler are robbing banks to help folks in The Narrows. Penguin and Grundy want in on the score. Penguin is convinced Lee is playing Riddler, which also plays in to Riddler’s suspicions. In a twist on an old gimmick, Riddler is now cracking up and having conversations with Ed. I kinda like Riddler still having some emotional fallout to contend with even after thinking he was back.

gotham to our deaths and beyond - Morena Baccarin, Cory Michael Smith

Riddler sets up Penguin and Grundy to prove his love loyalty to Lee. She reciprocates by taking the heat for the bank robberies and getting arrested. But knowing Lee and Gordon, I know Lee will get out by the midway point of next episode. I shouldn’t be intrigued by this romantic pairing, but it makes a lot more sense at this point than reuniting Lee and Gordon.

As if killing a slew of ninjas wasn’t enough, Ra’s interupts Bruce’s quiet time with Selina. He couldn’t just crash the party, but pulls out his full buzzkill monologue explaining a cataclysmic event is coming that will purify Gotham. Ra’s plans to use it to mold Bruce into a Dark Knight…if he can survive.

OK, the Cataclysm/No Man’s Land tease was pretty solid.  To Our Deaths and Beyond maintained Gotham’s solid track record of entertaining episodes with little filler and focused subplots.

Time to hurry up and catch up with the rest of Season 4 as it looks like things are about to get very interesting.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: FOX