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Check out the first look at WWE Elite 66

We got our first official look at WWE Elite 66. This wave updates some roster mainstays as well as a couple of first in the line figures.

AJ Styles

wwe elite 66 aj styles

I like this attire for AJ more than some of the others and I like the new headsculpt too.

The Bludgeon Brothers

These guys looked good although I’m a bit disappointed Mattel didn’t include Harper’s mask as well.

This is a disappointing set for Flashback collectors as the only one is a Kurt Angle from Survivor Series 2007. This is a weird looking attire for Angle and I’m ready for Mattel to go with a different head sculpt for Angle.


Nikki Cross

Sanity’s female member gets a pretty strong looking figure with better than average articulation.

wwe elite 66 nikki cross

Alexander Wolfe

The final member of Sanity also gets released in WWE Elite 66, but with a catch. Wolfe is a Target exclusive. Target is pretty good about stocking its exclusives though so I’m not too worried about not being able to find him. I wish he had a cloth jacket however.

wwe elite 66 alexander wolfe target exclusive

Finally, there’s Kevin Owens with a regular and chase edition T-shirt. I kinda like the KOMania shirt so hopefully I can find it.

What do you all think of WWE Elite 66?

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