The Batman might join Wonder Woman 1984 for stacked 2020

After the success of Wonder Woman and Aquaman, the future of Warner Bros’ DC films might be in solo films. Now we’re getting word that WB/DC is ready for its latest take on Batman sooner than we thought.

The Hollywood Reporter states Director/Screenwriter Matt Reeves’ (War for the Planet of the Apes) script is nearly completed shooting could begin in November. If that holds true we could see both Wonder Woman 1984 and The Batman get released in 2020. That’s about as strong as a WB/DC lineup as we could get without adding a third Superman movie in the mix as well.


One of the big question marks is who will play Batman. Reeves reportedly wants to have a new actor replace Ben Affleck as The Dark Knight. I’ve been a big fan of Affleck’s Batman so I’d prefer he stick around in this continuity of DC films.

There is another interesting rumor floating around from Coming Soon. They state we might be in for a Batman flashback story where we see a younger actor playing Batman for most of the film with Affleck’s older, more experienced Batman would recall the story in bookend segments. I kinda like that idea as it opens up the possibility for young Batman while continuing the established Affleck version as well.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures