Gotham: That Old Corpse review S4 E20

That Old Corpse teased exactly how Gotham is going to come to ruin with the season finale. We’ve got a few more episodes to go, but the groundwork is firmly in place.

Some of Jerome’s acolytes hold a vigil at his grave when a woman dressed as a proto Harley Quinn plays a message from Jerome. He wants them to have a party for him, but not just any bash. Gordon gets a video message from Jerome from beyond the grave. Turns out lucky Gordon gets to host Jerome’s wake at the GCPD. Lovely. Just when Gordon was still perfecting his serious face when trying to get Lee to turn on Riddler.

Gordon has an idea that seems stupid enough to work. He’s going to fake like Jerome’s goons have overrun the police and abandon the station. Then he’s going to unleash tear gas to knock out Jerome’s crew. Riddler can’t wait on Gordon’s plan and rushes off to the station to rescue Lee.

gotham that old corpse - gordon and lee

Penguin and Solomon Grundy recognize there’s a chance to make a power move in the confusion leading to a pretty funny moment with one of Jerome’s hopeful lackeys.

I’m glad Alfred is one of the smart ones as he immediately starts loading his gun the second Gordon tells him Jerome’s crew is coming to the station. Bruce is with Jerome’s brother, Jeremiah, who’s working on a power grid to improve Gotham’s energy efficiency.

But Bruce soon learns all is not well with Jeremiah. He’s convinced Jerome is alive and coming for him. Naturally Bruce goes with the obvious route of taking Jeremiah to see Jerome’s gravesite, not knowing Jerome convinced his followers to dig up his body. Whoopsie. Jerome starts spiraling and now is convinced Jerome killed Bruce and has stolen his face. That does sound appropriately crazy.


Turns out Jeremiah was the crazy one. That laughing gas Jerome mixed for him has sent him spiraling. Not towards insanity like his brother. Jeremiah is obsessed with proving how crazy his brother was by pulling off his crimes with a completely rational perspective.

That is nuts and a real fun twist on this Jerome/Jeremiah subplot. He posed as Jerome to set everything in motion — leading his followers to GCPD and feigning his fear of Jerome killing him to Bruce. It’s a devious plan and one that shows how dangerous a calculating madman can be.

Every time I think Gotham made a mistake by killing off a character the writers prove they have a pretty solid handle on the show and their endgame.


We definitely get a better sense of that now as Jeremiah plans to use the energy grid to set off explosions throughout the city. This seems like the way Gotham sets up its take on No Man’s Land, right? And now that Gordon knows Jeremiah is possibly the biggest threat to Gotham the countdown starts now.

I’m curious how Ra’s al Ghul will play into all of this as well. That Old Corpse used the death of Jerome very effectively to establish the series’ new big bad as we head to what’s shaping up to be a very explosive season finale.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: FOX