Prodigy #2 review

Just when I had an idea of the best comparison for the series, Prodigy #2 shakes up my expectations again.

Writer Mark Millar is really exploring a fun idea here with the world’s smartest man on a global Indiana Jones style expedition to stop an alien force and the conspiracy aligned with them.

Edison Crane is intrigued by this shadowy group that wants to keep their plans a secret no matter who they have to kill. Partnering with agent Straks, Edison might finally have found a challenge worthy of his super genius intellect.

Millar reveals some new wrinkles to Edison including what could be loosely interpreted as super powers. It’s abilities only someone of Edison’s intellect could pull off, but it will prove useful given the guys Edison and Straks will be facing.


Millar introduces presumably the series’ big bad. There’s no mistaking them for nice guys as they steal orphans and conduct hunts with them. Killing kids is always an awful look and these guys do horrific things in the names of their masters. I wonder if Millar could have found another way to show the villains as despicable without killing children so cruelly. Whoever these mysterious guys are, they know a lot more about the alien forces on their way than Edison or Straks.

Artist Rafael Albuquerque and colorist Marcelo Maiolo do an exquisite job with the story. There’s not a ton of action here besides three gunshots and a ‘super’ tap, but Albuquerque has already dialed in to the suspenseful nature of Millar’s story. Hopefully Albuquerque and Maiolo will be sticking around on this book for the long haul.

Prodigy #2 delivered the goods just like the first issue. I like the tone of this book and there’s a real sense of unpredictability about where Millar is going to take the story.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics