DC Comics reviews for 1/9/19

Young Justice #1

There’s a definite throwback feel to the first issue of the new Young Justice relaunch. Brian Michael Bendis gives the book the tone of a 90s team origin. Robin, Wonder Girl and Impulse are joined by newcomers Jenny Hex and Teen Lantern in staving off an alien invasion. No one knows what’s brought these invaders to Earth and what they want with Superman of all people.

One very interesting point Bendis raised was the attackers have noticed how everything goes haywire whenever Earth deals with a crisis. That’s a nice meta discussion point on DC Comics in general and one I’m curious if Bendis further explores here.

I was disappointed when Patrick Gleason announced he wasn’t staying on Action Comics with Bendis as he’s become of the fixtures of this era of Superman. But there’s few artists better suited for ushering in this new take on Young Justice. Gleason crams so much personality into his characters and that’s essential for a book with younger heroes. Alejandro Sanchez’s bold colors were another dazzling aspect of the presentation. Young Justice immediately leaps to the top in terms of best looking books out there.

I’m also hopeful Bendis makes some sense of the very confusing and convoluted continuity of the Young Justice members. At this point we haven’t seen Impulse in the Rebirth era interacting with Tim Drake or Cassie Sandsmark so it’s a little unclear of their connection. Extra ditto for Connor Kent Superboy, who is largely absent this issue.

The mix of characters is pretty interesting though so I’m excited to see the team gel. If anything this reminds me of the fun when I first started reading New Warriors (and OG Young Justice) back in the 90s.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics