Storm Collectibles King of Fighters 98 Kyo Kusanagi figure up for pre-order

For awhile, it seemed like Storm Collectibles was content to keep re-releasing Mortal Kombat ninjas and Street Fighter variants. After teasing it for a long time, we’re getting another addition to the King of Fighters lineup with the Kyo Kusanagi figure.

True confession time: I don’t know King of Fighters nearly as well as I do some other fighting game properties, but I’m excited about getting these figures all the same.

storm collectibles kyo kusanagi figure -flaming fist

Kyo is the main protagonist in SNK’s The King of Fighters game series and he is the rival of Iori Yagami. His nickname is Scion of the Flame and due to his Kusanagi heritage, Kyo can control fire. He can create fire from thin air, create fire balls, deliver punches of fire, create pillars of fire and put his own body on fire.

storm collectibles kyo kusanagi figure -jumping arc

He is neither immune to other types of fire nor able to control other fires that he didn’t create. Kyo is a strong combo character that takes a while to master.


  • 4 x Interchanging Head-sculpt
  • 2 x Interchanging Hair style
  • 4 x Interchanging pair of Hands
  • 2 x Interchanging Jacket
  • 2 x Flame Effect (on the palm)   
  • 1 x Ura 108 Shiki: Orochi Nagi
  • 1 x 100 Shiki: Oniyaki
  • 1 x 114 Shiki: Aragami

Collect all four of the Storm Collectibles’ KOF ’98 UM characters : Omega Rugal / Kyo / Iori / Terry

storm collectibles kyo kusanagi figure - the winner is kyo

Each character will includes 1/4 part of the Gravity Smash effect. Collect all four and you can create the Omega Rugal’s Gravity Smash effect.    

storm collectibles kyo kusanagi figure - power wave

I’m hoping we do end up seeing more KOF characters as I definitely would want Andy and Joe to square off with other trios.

storm collectibles kyo kusanagi figure - collage

I also dig Storm Collectibles’ first crack at a Build a Base. That’s something they could definitely do more of in the future and I would love to see that with Street Fighter, Tekken and Mortal Kombat as well. It’s not like collectors aren’t going to want four original figures.

Photo Credit: Storm Collectibles