Get ready for Clobbering Time as The Thing joins Marvel’s Contest of Champions

Marvel getting full media control of the Fantastic Four is already paying off. While we have to wait a bit longer for their arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Thing makes his debut in Marvel’s Contest of Champions video game.

The Thing will be featured in a quest titled This Man…This Monster after the iconic Fantastic Four #51 story. He’s also arriving with three special attack moves — Fists of Stones, Rush Down and It’s Clobberin’ Time! spoke with Kabam Quest Designer Ryan White and Champion Designer Aidan Hanly about The Thing’s abilities.

Hanly: When he blocks or is hit by attacks, he generates a “Rock Stack.” Each Rock Stack will increase both his Physical and Energy Resistance, and if he has enough of them, he can go Unstoppable. He can also use these Rock Stacks to increase the strength of his Special Attacks and give them additional effects.

Rather than focus on just one aspect, we tried to capture everything about Thing that makes him special. He’s a character that’s both aggressive and a great protector, so we made sure he has abilities that work great as both an Attacking and Defending Champion. Our Art and VFX teams also did an amazing job at capturing the look and feel (and spandex) of the big guy.


White also teased that this event introduced Silver Surfer, who partners with Night Thrasher to figure out the whereabouts of The Fantastic Four.

What do you think of the big guy getting into Contest of Champions? I’m looking forward to more announcements and if the FF is in Ultimate Alliance 3, that might push me into buying a Nintendo Switch.

As of right now, you can play Thing in the game, which is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Marvel Contest of Champions - The Thing
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