Marvel Comics is top comic book publisher of 2018, Image rules trade front

Diamond Comics Distributors announced its final numbers for 2018 and revealed that Marvel Comics was the top comic book publisher.

Marvel dominated the Top 10 books of 2018 with seven of the 10 spots. While it had a stranglehold on the list, two landmark DC titles, Action Comics #1000 and Batman #50 took the top and third spot respectively. The Batman Who Laughs #1 (ninth place) was the other DC book to crack the top 10.


Amazing Spider-Man #800 was second place followed by Fantastic Four #1 at fourth, Amazing Spider-Man #1 at fifth, Return of Wolverine #1 coming in at sixth, Venom #1 at seventh, Amazing Spider-Man #798 at eighth and Amazing Spider-Man #799 at tenth.  So now you know why comic book companies relaunch titles all the time since new #1s tend to do big business.

I always wonder if the DC titles would benefit from a stronger box office performance from DC films or if that doesn’t matter? Avengers and Black Panther didn’t make the Top 10 despite setting box office records last year.


On the trade paperback/graphic novel front, Avengers: Infinity War likely contributed to Infinity Gauntlet topping the list.

Image Comics’ Saga was the big story with volumes 9, 1 and 8 capturing the second through fourth spots. Image dominated the trade category as The Walking Dead Vol. 29 was No. 6 followed by Paper Dolls Vol. 1 at No. 7 and Monstress Vol. 1 at No. 10.

Saga Volume 9

DC saw a similar story on the trade front with three making the cut. Action Comics 80 Years of Superman was No. 5 followed by Batman White Knight at No. 8 and Dark Nights Metal Deluxe Edition at No. 9.

Without the benefit of a number of anniversary books this year it’ll be interesting to see how Marvel fares on the comics front and if Image will continue to hold court dominating the trade market.

Photo Credit: Diamond Comics Distributors, Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Image Comics