Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer teases ultimate direction with Nick Fury

I kinda wish Marvel Studios could have delayed the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer until after Avengers: Endgame. Yeah, yeah logistics, but I would have delayed showing Peter Parker is alive until the absolute last minute.

Of course with my pathetic patience that wasn’t going to work so I’m glad we got the trailer.

From the looks of things Spider-Man will be tangling with both Mysterio and Hydro Man. Ignore those Sandman flashbacks from Spider-Man 3, this looks legit.


We knew Samuel L. Jackson was gonna be appearing in this one and the Far From Home trailer teases a relationship similar to the Ultimate Spider-Man series. This kind of brings things full circle as Ultimate Nick Fury was designed off of Samuel L. Jackson so this all comes together.

I liked the tease of the Happy/Aunt May relationship. Happy wasn’t going to end up with Pepper and a younger Aunt May makes sense.

The Far From Home trailer also showed the Peter/MJ relationship might be progressing as well.

Spider-Man: Far From Home arrives in theaters July 5.

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios