The Punisher – Collision Course review S2 E12

Collision Course was all about a reckoning for several characters some of whom don’t survive the episode.

This was another one in the running for best episode of the season and I’m just hoping the season(series?) finale can match it in terms of quality.

Mahoney thought he had a clear path to get Frank in prison with a personal escort via ambulance. He didn’t count on Pilgrim rolling up and ramming them off the road. Fortunately, Madani was following and stopped Pilgrim from finishing them off.

Outside of Misty Knight and Colleen Wing has the Marvel Netflix series featured another supporting character who would be as interesting to watch in their own series than Dina Madani? Clearly it wouldn’t have the same comic book vibe, but I’d watch a series with Madani all the same. Of course, I’d watch Amber Rose Revah in pretty much anything at this point.

Frank leaves Mahoney in the ambulance, but saves him after noticing it’s about to ignite. I hate the trope of vigilante hero saving the police officer who still feels duty bound to make the token gesture of not trying to let them get away.

Hoping to put an end to all of this, Frank tracks down David Schultz, not realizing his hands are clean of all of the murder and mayhem.

Pilgrim meanwhile uses Madani’s GPS to reach the trailer where he finds Curtis alone. This doesn’t look good for my dude, but Amy’s arrival prevents the likely execution. Curtis holds Pilgrim off long enough for Amy to get away and he gets a casual beat down for his trouble. But he’s still alive though…

Amy takes the aggressive move of hiding in Madani’s trunk. With the hidden shotgun, she’s going to end Pilgrim on her own. That would be a fitting conclusion to that arc with Amy being the one to ultimately save herself.

Frank takes David to the trailer and interrogates him much to Curtis’ disbelief. At this point, nothing Frank does should surprise him. David pleads his innocence and Frank believes him, but he still wants to end it.

One of the best aspect of Jon Bernthal’s performance as The Punisher is those moments where he does this deliberate processing. He’s coming up with his next move, but he’s hardly the strategist like other characters. Time for a call to mommy and daddy.

With Frank’s focus on Pilgrim, it’s a perfect time for Billy to get out of town. He’s a smart villain and knows when the situation is unwinnable. He gives his surviving crew new IDs and advises them to find someone to love and get out of this lifestyle. He even picks up some flowers for Krista.

Krista got a little too smart for her own good though as she tried to work Madani again. This time, it made Madani suspicious and she pays her a visit. Madani was already leery, but after seeing Billy’s notebook, she has her gun out and ready for action.

Krista isn’t playing around either and goes on the offensive with a pair of scissors. The Punisher doesn’t discriminate in terms of brutal fight scenes and this is just as bloody and violent as any of the earlier ones with Frank. After Krista ¬†painfully slices her face, Madani has a satisfied look on her face as she tosses Krista out the window — a fitting yet cruel death for Billy’s accomplice.

As the last bit of life fades and she’s seeing her father, Krista looks up and sees Billy. The happy grin is gone from his face and he’s in shock at the woman who was his true ride or die dying. His grief only lasts for a moment as he looks up and sees Madani in the window. Hopefully Madani has her track shoes on as this will not end well.

Collision Course set all the wheels in motion for an epic season finale. If this is the last season of The Punisher, it’s definitely going out on a high note.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Netflix