The Punisher Flustercluck review S2 E9

We’re in the midst of the strongest run of episodes of The Punisher’s second season. Flustercluck didn’t lose an iota of the momentum with another great episode featuring some surprising encounters and some lively action.

Frank finds his allies in the trailer and after some back and forth, asks the million dollar question regarding what to do with Billy: Who’s gonna stop it Madani? You? Mahoney?

Exactly. It’s all on Frank. And everyone knows it.

Frank needs to get to stopping soon though as Billy and crew are creating a ruckus with their violent raids and bloody shootouts. Billy’s smart enough to know this can’t last and is down with Krista’s plan to skip town as soon as he deals with Frank. Billy wants Frank to feel what he felt.

Meanwhile, Pilgrim gets his new marching orders from Schultz. Set up a bounty on Frank and Amy. Pilgrim reluctantly agrees, but got a little careless as his old crew has their own pound of flesh they want to take from him. Based on what we’ve seen of Pilgrim so far this subplot cliffhanger isn’t all that suspenseful. However, if he wants to beat up and kill a few skinheads, I’d very much like to see it.

Frank is going around town looking for leads on Billy. I’m glad he’s wearing his vest again as it not only gives him that superhero look, but also just makes good sense.

Summertime Punisher with short sleeves oddly looks weird in real life though. He makes some headway thanks to a bartender who had a bad experience partying with Valhalla. Before he can follow up, Frank gets cornered by six guys looking to collect the bounty. Er…make that one.

Both Curtis and Amy get tired of waiting around in the trailer and leave out. Amy knows people are after her so it doesn’t make a ton of sense for her not to change up her look. Maybe cut her hair or dye it just to throw people off. Heck, maybe try glasses!

There’s a few members of the veterans group that hasn’t fallen in with Billy and his Valhalla crew. They promise Curtis they’ll keep an eye out for him.  I keep expecting Curtis to get killed any episode now, but it’s not on this one.

It was Madani that I needed to be more worried about. She arrives home to find Billy waiting on her. He wants to know what happened and why Frank wants to kill him. This is a major violation for Madani who has been tormented by the thought of Billy showing up at her place and finishing the job for over a year.

Amber Rose Revah sold this nightmare turned reality beautifully. With nothing to lose, Madani tells Billy exactly why Frank is gunning for him. The encounter rattles Madani so much she goes to have an impromptu therapy session with Krista. Little does she know…

Amy naively goes to one of her old pals expecting some sort of loyalty from a cash-strapped teen. But Frank calls her in time to warn her. Amy manages to avoid the initial ambush and text Frank the address, which leads to another deadly shootout. Jon Bernthal looks the part of The Punisher when he’s sitting growling at a bar, but in shootouts, I believe he’s Frank Castle come to life.

Thanks to Frank’s teaching, Amy gets the drop on the last guy and steals his gun. And proving his advice wasn’t falling on deaf ears, she shoots the guy too. Frank has that proud papa look and finishes off the guy. Fully understanding the stakes for the first time, Amy is worried Billy will kill Frank leading to one of the best bits of dialogue of the season:

I’m not the one that dies kid. I’m the one that does the killing. When we try to be something different that’s when the wrong people get hurt.

Man, I love Jon Bernthal’s Punisher! Flustercluck was another great installment keeping the recent hot streak rolling. Let’s see if this continues with the final four episodes.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Netflix