The Punisher My Brother’s Keeper review S2 E8

Given the action-packed nature of last episode, I was fine with My Brother’s Keeper settling things down a bit. But first! We’ve got to wrap up the shootout.

Even with the cliffhanger of the previous episode, we weren’t shortchanged on the action with a strong standoff between Frank and Billy. Ben Barnes is really selling Billy’s broken state of mind here as he actually makes him seem shocked and hurt that Frank is coming after him. I was kinda hoping Pilgrim would show up to really complicate things for everyone.

Curtis got in on the action as well in taking out the sniper and helping Frank escape Mahoney. Anyone else finding it ironic that Mahoney has been more of a central player on The Punisher than in three seasons on Daredevil? Sure, he had some fun supporting moments, but he is a vital character on Punisher.

Mahoney visits Madani and is convinced she’s in league with Frank. This time she doesn’t bother trying to deny it as much. Mahoney offers her a deal and won’t come after her if she gives up Frank and Billy.

Both Frank and Curtis are annoyed they didn’t take the shot to take Billy down. Frank is convinced that Billy doesn’t know what he did and genuinely thinks Frank betrayed him. All of last season was the big quest for revenge, but this season it’s more about taking Billy down as a responsibility to save others.

The punisher my brother’s keeper review - billy

Chief among them is Krista who just can’t quit Billy. He’s decisively abusive now coming to her place and trashing it despite her being the only one truly down for him. The interesting angle here is Billy questions who he can trust if Frank turned on him. If Billy weren’t so skeevy last year it would be hard not to help but feel sorry for him.

Curtis isn’t sure if he can dish out the punishment required any more to take Billy out. He’s uneasy about Frank torturing Jake again for answers and wants his regular life back. And Frank cross another line when he enters the trailer and goes off on Amy after she tries to practice her training. In fairness, Amy really needed to pick her moment better.

While Frank wanders off, Amy, Curtis and Madani bond over spaghetti. Amy might have crap timing, but she’s a decent cook apparently. Billy is riling up his crew for a real score and Frank finds himself at his family’s grave site. Trying to do the right thing cost Frank his second shot at happiness and now he’s spiraling on a path where it’s hard to tell the difference between himself and Billy.

My Brother’s Keeper wasn’t all action as it forced Frank to look within himself while his allies reconsider their partnership with him as Billy redoubles his efforts to be a major player on the streets.

This was a very solid follow-up to the previous episode and another indicator that this home stretch is going to be the best part of the season.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: Netflix