The Punisher One Bad Day review S2 E7

With One Bad Day we’ve reached the halfway point of The Punisher Season 2 and things are really starting to get interesting. Basically, this episode felt like what I’ve been waiting on all season.

We kick off with a flashback from a year ago with Madani. She’s in the hospital recovering after being shot by Billy and is being prepped for her debriefing with her other mentor Marion (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio). Madani keeps having a crisis of conscious and wants to tell the truth about everything, including Frank’s involvement, but Marion encourages her to tell the concocted narrative.

Back to the current day, Madani’s nightmares are getting worst. She keeps seeing Billy shooting her in between memories of their wild, animal-like sex life. That’s not the best memory these days. Maybe Frank was right and she does need to be the one who takes Billy down?

Billy has rebounded and is now getting it on with Krista. They both like it rough and it’s interesting that Billy has forgotten some things, but his sexual aggression remains intact. Keistareveals she had a bad fall when she was 9 and it took her two years to recover. This sheds a bit more light on her window phobia.


Now that he’s satisfied, Billy has more clarity that he doesn’t want to Krista to go down with him. She’s not down with being dismissed, but he heads out to pull a job with his crew.

Madani wants some advice from Marion, but she’s the wrong person to go for a pep talk. Time to clean up your mess Madani.

The punisher One Bad Day review - the punisher and Curtis

Frank and Curtis start their hunt for Billy. It’s nice to see Frank teaming up with another competent soldier and it beats the cutesy dynamic of Frank and Amy. If this is the last season, I’d prefer to see Frank swap out sidekicks/partners throughout the rest of the run instead of just hanging with Amy. And Curtis is one of the few characters who can relate to Frank from a military side so it provides a much different dynamic.

Their search leads them to Billy’s right-hand man, Jake, who is suffering from withdrawal and leaves the hideout. Frank’s uses the Crocodile Dundee interrogation technique as he shows off his knife through Jake’s hand. Signing checks are about to be a lot more difficult for him.

They’ve got the info, but too late to catch Billy and crew before they head out. We’re starting to see more of Jigsaw over Billy Russo as he acts very on edge during the robbery. This season has featured some weird segments with black women.

First the hotel clerk and now with the owner of the place Billy and crew are robbing. It’s not so much that the characters are acting unrealistic, but they’re kind of antagonistic for no reason.

The punisher One Bad Day review - billy and crew robbing

Talkative store clerks aside, the robbery is a success until Frank shows up wearing Jake’s mask and jacket…and his Punisher vest. The sight of the skull paralyzes Billy forcing his crew to grab him to get him to safety. Frank manages to take out a few of Billy’s gang, but the chase is on…just as the episode ends.

One Bad Day is probably the first episode of the season that really demands you to hurry up and get to the next episode.

The pacing has been almost better suited for a week to week viewing fashion, but this one really made me appreciate being able to quickly get to the next one without any delay.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Netflix