The Punisher Scar Tissue review Season 2 Episode 4

The Punisher’s second season is definitely taking advantage of the binge format of being on Netflix. It’s easy to see this being a frustrating watch if it played out over the course of 13 episodes. All at once, the slower moments are far more forgivable. Scar Tissue was more of a character study revolving around Billy Russo that worked to varying degrees.

Through a series of flashbacks we’re shown his dependency on Krista Dumont. It’s the good doctor who encourages Billy to decorate his mask to show the world want face he wants them to see. Krista warned him he wasn’t ready to face the world and she’s quickly proven correct as he kills an unruly bus passenger in an alley and visits his old pedophile stickball coach Arthur.

Considering how jacked up Jigsaw’s face is in the comics Billy just had a few bad scars. The Marvel Netflix shows tend to tone down most of the comic book elements in favor of a more grounded approach. Maybe that’s why four of the six shows have already been cancelled?

Frank mostly stays in Madani’s apartment this episode. Madani can’t complain about her salary as her place is amazing. Rafi clearly hooked her up! Madani wants any intel that can help her find Billy. Maybe Billy is really amnesiac, but Madani shows Frank his notebook full of Punisher skull logos. She’s held on to Frank’s Punisher vest in a vivid reminder that further bloodshed from Billy is on Frank’s hands.

Frank does get some air to visit Curtis, who’s on high alert after the news that Billy has escaped. Curtis is the one person who can talk sense to Frank. Curtis points out the irony of Billy being the only one who’s forgotten what he’s done. He agrees with Madani that Frank should have killed Billy. Wonder what he’ll do with a second chance?

Four episodes in and I still don’t care about Rachel. Micro was engaging pretty much from the start, but Rachel has been more of a nuisance hanger-on dragging down the season. She’s having flashbacks as well from her crew getting killed by Pilgrim.

Rachel worked with a woman named Fiona who took kids in and had them run jobs for her. This latest involved them taking pictures of guys hooking up with each other. Maybe one of them was Anderson Schultz? That might explain why he’s sicced Pilgrim after Rachel.

The weird thing about this whole subplot though is Rachel and company using old school film instead of shooting pictures and video on their cell phones.

After learning crazy Frank is The Punisher, Rachel fesses up that her name is actually Amy. Frank knew she had been lying so this wasn’t a big revelation to him. I liked how his response to her story of her friends getting killed is asking what she’s going to do about it. No matter the random character missteps, The Punishers writers have Frank Castle down to the core.

Madani visits Arthur’s place too late and finds him dead…and Mahoney already on the scene. Mahoney knows Madani is lying, but wants to work with her. At this point Madani doesn’t care about protocol and simply wants her endless nightmare to end even if it means killing Billy herself.

Scar Tissue’s final scene was interesting as Billy comes to Krista’s place covered in Arthur’s blood.

Crazy Billy is interesting but I miss smooth, suave and calculating Billy from last season. Ben Barnes is making both sides compelling though. Billy tells Krista he needs her help.

Maybe it’s ego or just an overwhelming sense that everyone deserves redemption, Krista goes against her better instincts to call the cops and agrees to help him. This will not end well for her. We’re really going to need some time devoted to Krista and why she’s so focused on redeeming Billy as his actions should trigger every red warning flag she’s got.

Scar Tissue was very slow action wise, but we got some much needed insight on Billy even if it didn’t progress much of the other subplots.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: Netflix