The Punisher – The Abyss review S2 E11

A well-timed cameo appearance and an exciting getaway ensured The Abyss kept this final stretch edge of your seat entertainment. Hopefully you’re still well caffeinated as you’re not going to want to go to sleep until these next three episodes are done. 

Mahoney has been on Frank’s tail throughout the season so it makes sense that he wants to ensure he stays with him even in the ambulance. While the doctors put him back together, Mahoney insists the cuffs stay on Frank.

Karen Page arrives as a rep for Nelson and & Murdock. She finds Frank a beaten down man convinced he’s no better than the criminals he killed for accidentally killing the three women in Billy’s warehouse.

Amy isn’t content to sit around as she realizes dudes are going to try and collect on the bounty. Disguised as a nurse, she makes it to Frank’s room a few moments before Madani. The gang’s all here. Just in time for Billy to call and gloat about Frank being broken and arrested.

Madani got an up close and personal tour of the shootout scene as Mahoney made sure she saw the price of Frank’s war. But it didn’t sit right with her and with Karen’s help, she’s able to investigate the victim’s bodies at the morgue. Ed, the creepy morgue technician, wanted a big favor from Karen and she relented to help Madani.

Not surprisingly, the women were not killed in Punisher’s gun spray. The bullet wounds indicated a close up execution style murder and the executioner — Billy — has all the bullets in his possession.

The Punisher - The Abyss review - madani

Dumont finally opens up about her windows phobia. Her father was a vet unprepared to deal with the world after returning home. When her mother talked divorce, her dad grabbed her and leaped through the window. The fall instantly killed her and left her broken. Dumont said her father died because no one was there to save him. This goes a long way toward explaining her lost cause restoration efforts with Billy.

A $5 million bounty is a lot of money. Enough to convince shady cops to risk their career to try and collect. Frank doesn’t even fight back since he thinks he deserves to die, but Amy holds the cop off long enough for Madani to make the save.

Now Frank has a new lease on life and ready to finish the job with Billy. Hey, where are Karen’s shoes? Frank questions if Matt knows she’s there. Oddly, Frank probably didn’t even know people thought Matt was dead after the Defenders incident.

Karen and Frank had some surprising chemistry in Daredevil Season 2 and Punisher’s first season. Still, it felt weird to try and revisit that at this point in the season. It kind of came off like Karen was just sitting around waiting on Frank to enter her life again. Karen has been written better than the pining away love interest and the timing was silly too considering Frank still needs to take care of Billy.

That said, I was glad Frank shot her down and owned up to the fact that he doesn’t want to stop loving the people in his dreams. He’s fine leading this life of violence and punishment.

Pilgrim’s subplot wakes up again after being the lone waste of time last episode. He’s awakened from his bender and wants to talk to his wife. Mrs. Schultz shows up at his hotel room to break the news that she’s dead. So technically he wasn’t cheating with the hooker last night. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to feel sympathetic toward him, but this did nothing for me.

Mrs. Schultz motivated him enough to get him fired up to finish the job and take out Frank. The Punisher isn’t required to have a happy ending and I wonder if Pilgrim is going to kill Amy while everyone’s celebrating Frank killing Billy?

Pilgrim does get back on mission and makes his way to the hospital narrowly missing Frank who is wearing the crooked cop’s uniform. Mahoney spots Karen and asks about her shoes. That’s what Creepy Ed wanted!

Just when it seems like the scheme worked perfectly, Mahoney catches Madani and Frank. I appreciate that Mahoney is actually a competent cop. We didn’t get to see enough of that in Daredevil. He handcuffs Frank inside an ambulance, presumably heading to the police station as Madani can only look on wondering how it all went to wrong.

The Abyss was another riveting near hour of Punisher excitement.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: Netflix