The Punisher – The Whirlwind review S2 E13

While The Whirlwind wasn’t as strong as the previous episode, it still was a strong way to close out an exciting season of The Punisher. As this is likely the last one of the series it was a heck of a way to go out.

We don’t waste any time as we go to the main event of Madani vs. Billy. One shall stand. One shall fall. Madani shoots Billy three times, but he gets in close enough to choke her out seemingly to death before maybe dying as well. This would be the first of several fake out deaths this episode.

Madani awakens to find Mahoney and other police officers on the scene. Apparently Billy escaped. As hellbent on killing Madani as Billy was it doesn’t seem even remotely likely he wouldn’t have checked to make sure she was dead even if he was dying.

But no, Billy decided to roll out to get patched up by a shady doctor. I loved how this scene played out how it really would with the doc waiting until Billy passed out to take his money and toss him in a Dumpster. This guy didn’t owe Billy anything!

Frank calls up Anderson and Eliza Schultz and ready to make a trade — their son David for Amy. But neither the Schultz or their proxy, Pilgrim, has Amy, who is instead outside his door with a shotgun in hand considering killing him. As would be the pattern this episode, Amy opted to do something stupid.

She calls Frank up — not the stupid part — but rather than getting out of dodge during the hotel shootout, stumbles into the hallway to get captured by Pilgrim. This was a little annoying as Amy’s dumb action here dragged the Pilgrim subplot out further.  At least we got a sweet elevator fight with Frank battling a trio of cops.


Now Frank had to do the song and dance with Pilgrim to get Amy back. But his biggest bargaining chip was gone since Curtis decided to bring David to Mahoney. Curtis was done with everything so his actions weren’t surprising, but still, Frank’s crew was dropping the ball big time on him this episode.

Amy tries to talk her way out of it, but Pilgrim isn’t interested. He does go along with Frank’s suggestion to let her go. This leads to a magnificent junkyard brawl. Before Frank kills him, Pilgrim asks that when he goes to kill the Schultz crew that he doesn’t harm his boys.

In the biggest shock, Krista is still alive. She’s shattered and broken, but still kicking. Madani comes in for soft gloating and is surprised the therapist ended up falling for Billy. Krista assures Madani that Billy won’t die because he’s too strong and he’ll come for her. Yep, she’s crazy in love. I kinda liked the poetic irony of Krista falling to her death and I’m not sure how much was served in keeping her alive.

Billy calls Curtis telling him he’s in the basement and doesn’t want to die alone. Curtis obliges, but just passes on the message…to Frank. Billy goes on for a while as Frank listens, but Frank is all talked out with Billy and finishes the job Madani started.

Mahoney tries to break the scene down with Curtis and Madani. In the best moment, he asks them what about Castle, to which they reply ‘Who?’

Amy crashes the Schultz dinner. I’ve got zero faith in her credibility now so it’s not surprising when Eliza grabs a knife only to get killed by Frank. Anderson has a choice to make — kill himself or live with the truth that’s about to come out. Anderson goes with the former as Frank and Amy walk out…to John with his sons.

The weird thing with Frank and Pilgrim is Pilgrim never killed any of the good guys. Sure he acted menacing and killed some Russians and skinheads, but he was all things considered clean by Punisher standards. And the fact that he had two kids helped make Frank’s decision. It actually made a lot of sense.

With everyone sufficiently punished, Frank takes Amy to a bus stop and encourages her to go be a kid without anymore of the con artist BS. Amy annoyed me on and off this season, but this was a touching moment and a satisfying conclusion to their arc.

But that wouldn’t make for the best ending to this season so we jump ahead three months later. Frank is watching two gangs enter a warehouse, but keeps getting distracted by a call. It’s Madani, who’s with the CIA now calling to offer him a job. Frank reminds her he’s already got a job and enters the warehouse in full Punisher gear and guns them down. That’s how you end The Punisher.

The Whirlwind didn’t quite play out the way I expected, but it definitely wasn’t a letdown from what was a stellar second season of The Punisher.

Rating: 9 out of 10


Photo Credit: Netflix