The Punisher: Trouble the Water review Season 2 Episode 3

Now this is more like it! I was fine giving this season a few more episodes to establish its path, but Trouble the Water came right in the nick of time with some real guns blazing intense installment.

We get the beginnings of John Pilgrim’s origin. His wife is like many in the town on respirator awaiting treatment and he’s been dispatched to deal with another problem by a persuasive couple, Anderson and Eliza Schultz (Corbin Bernsen and Annette O’Toole). Oh, and Pilgrim is apparently a reformed Nazi if the remnants of tattoo removals are any indication.

Back in the present day things are starting to get complicated at the police station. Sheriff Hardin was a rarity on TV as he was a competent police officer who wanted to do things by the book.

I realized a lot of my frustration with him was simply because he wasn’t a lazy cop who took the easy way out. Hardin had principles and was instilling that in his department. While I’m getting irritated with him for not just going along with Frank, Hardin had convictions and wasn’t going to be intimidated by Frank or Pilgrim.

When Pilgrim shows up at the department with a not-so thinly veiled threat, Hardin doesn’t back down and keeps his composure when Pilgrim’s crew cuts the lights and radio. It did seem a little stupid letting Officer Ogden make a run for the car. I appreciated him getting a gunshot wound that would be fatal over time instead of right away. In the chaos, Rachel — who we learn has a rack of aliases just like Frank — grabs the handcuff keys. The better to make their escape.

Pilgrim has his men shoot up the station as a fear tactic, but it’s just a diversion to rescue Marlena. It was a little unclear why Pilgrim went through all that effort just to strangle her himself. Maybe he didn’t like that she wanted to kill Frank? And let’s give a small round of applause to Ogden for manning up even after being shot to man a window and return fire.

Meanwhile, Billy’s therapy is taking a turn for the worst. In that he brutally beats his security detail and has Krista lead him out of the hospital. My biggest question was did anyone actually see his mask? Cops literally ran past Billy in responding to the emergency yet no one seemed to think the dude with the painted mask was a bit suspicious?

The punisher trouble the Water review - jigsaw

Madani manages to stay classy in talking with Dumont as I would have been all ‘I told you so!’ She doesn’t get too far in her unofficial debriefing as Det. Mahoney from Daredevil arrives claiming jurisdiction. It’s always cool seeing Mahoney.

With Ogden close to bleeding out, Frank decides they can’t wait any longer and goes on the offensive. OK so maybe I’m a sucker for every scene when Punisher unleashes some serious mayhem while dropping bodes, but this scene was a lot of fun. Due to the nature of the other Marvel Netflix shows we didn’t get to see them let loose like Punisher. When he goes on a shooting rampage with calculated precision, it’s a beautiful thing to watch unfold.

Pilgrim nearly gets the drop on him when Madani arrives. While she can’t find Pilgrim she does smooth things over with Hardin. After Frank saved his crew multiple times, Hardin doesn’t need much convincing and even gives Frank his materials and the film back. Now the real question is how is Frank going to get this film developed? Does Target still do that these days?

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Just when things are starting to settle down, Frank now has to delay whatever mission he’s on with not Rachel to take down his old buddy Billy.

Trouble the Water opened slowly per the norm for this season, but quickly started making some big moves including a terrific shootout to jumpstart the momentum.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Netflix