The Flash: The Flash & The Furious review S5 E10

The Flash & The Furious wasn’t the worst way for The Flash to make its mid-season return. It wasn’t extremely eventful, but was a nice way to ease back into the latest with the Allen clan.

Cecile was preparing for her first day back at work as a prosecuting attorney. It’s weird though as I swore she was the one defending Barry when he was on trial for killing The Thinker… I’m so glad that Jesse L. Martin is returning this season from his back injury. The writers kept coming up with the goofiest ways to write him out as if Joe would actually miss Cecile’s first day back at work to randomly visit Wally.

the-flash-the-flash-the-furious-review - caitlin, iris and nora

My main gripe for this season continues to be that sense of deja vu with Nora learning lessons we’ve already watched Barry, Wally and Ralph experience. Learning that not all villains are created equal was the big one for today.

Nora had her (shady) reasons as she was ticked Thawne killed her grandmother. For someone who studied everything about her father, that’s a pretty big thing not to know. If anything that would be the kind of thing Future Iris would tell Nora as a way to convince her not to be a speedster.

Thawne was the one who taught Nora how to time travel and now she’s upset because this criminal in custody wasn’t upfront with her? Do the writers realize how dumb they make Nora look each week? Nora is an adult not a five-year-old who trusts anything anyone says to her.

the-flash-the-flash-the-furious-review - barry and nora

Flash and XS collide with a new Dark Matter Rogue they dub Silver Ghost (Gabrielle Walsh). She’s got the ability to control tech including create a force field from a key fob. This force field disrupts Flash’s phasing ability so he’s got to spend most of the episode in the particle accelerator chamber.

This is probably the episode shot while Grant Gustin was working on the crossover as Barry is barely in this one. It did provide a great Legends of Tomorrow shout out as Mick off-camera dropped off his novel. That was a random moment, but I cracked up as Barry got into the book.


Feeling burned, Nora doesn’t give Joss Mardon aka Weather Witch any mercy when Cecile calls her to testify. Cecile could read her mind and tell Joss was feeling remorseful, but I’m inclined to agree with Nora here. It’s not Weather Witch was mindful of anyone when she was raging out.

Silver Ghost sees a kindred spirit and busts Weather Witch out to start a new younger version of The Rogues. Since the writers have so effectively botched the comic book Rogues, I’d be fine with this new crew even if this is probably a Nora-exclusive version. Silver Ghost was wrongfully accused of crimes and can relate to WW’s current plight.

Weather Witch wasn’t sold on Silver Ghost’s proposed alliance and tried to work with Nora, who wasn’t having it. SG had to bust WW out of custody twice in one episode. WW was now down with helping SG steal an expensive new test car from ARGUS. It was a little silly that this car had emojis for its special features. Nora tried to appeal to Weather Witch, but she was only swayed enough not to kill her. At least these were two Rogues who managed to get away in an episode even with Killer Frost lending XS a hand.

Knowing Weather Witch saved her, Nora is encouraged to give all villains a second chance… even Thawne. That’s silly. She’ll need to hurry as it appears he’s due to be executed soon.

the-flash-the-flash-the-furious-review -cisco and caitlin

Cisco and Caitlin learn they have the formula to create a metahuman cure. Caitlin isn’t on board with it initially despite an entire season where she wanted to ditch her powers. Cisco argues this will help people who don’t want their powers and they compromise by saying it will be a cure by choice, not force. Who will break that promise first?

Sherloque was fairly low-key this episode as he was preoccupied with cracking Nora’s secret future language. When Barry told him Gideon could decipher it, Sherloque was surprised that Nora deleted all traces of herself from the records. Shouldn’t Barry be the only one who can have save/delete capabilities?

The Flash & The Furious didn’t do a ton to advance the Cicada or Nora’s mysterious subplot, but it did make for a pretty fun episode. Hopefully this will help set the tone for the second half of the season, which needs more excitement and purpose.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW