WWE Elite 67 lineup leaked – Jeff Hardy, Velveteen Dream and more

Showcase_collector breaks the latest details on WWE Elite 67 right down to the attire and accessories.

I’ve lost a ton of interest in Mattel’s WWE line thanks to a decrease in Flashbacks and a lack of being able to actually find the ones that are in stores. Hello Bob Backlund and Commissioner Michaels BAF wave.

This lineup is promising however and features some characters I am interested in getting including one cool Flashback.

Rey Mysterio Flashback – this figure is based off Rey’s Halloween Havoc 1997 Phantom attire. As a Defenders of the Earth fan, I always liked this attire and now we’ll complete this iconic match since we already have the matching Eddie Guerrero figure. Rey is also slated to come with the cruiserweight title.

Shayna Baszler -The NXT women’s champ surprisingly doesn’t come with the title, but just gets her towel. That’s pretty weak since the belt would be the only other thing Baszler needs.

Jeff Hardy – The Charismatic Enigma gets two figures here with one being a chase version with his USA style facepaint and purple sleeves.

wwe elite 67 - jeff hardy

The other is a light blue and white flame facepaint with multi color sleeves. He’ll come with the US title and interchangeable hands. That will be real fun with Hardy.


Randy Orton – This is based off of Orton’s more modern look with the longer hair, vest and interchangeable hands.

Cedric Alexander – Cedric will be in his Black Panther inspired attire and will come with the cruiserweight title and interchangeable hands.

the velveteen dream

The Velveteen Dream – The Dream comes with sunglasses, a white shirt, the NXT title(?) and interchangeable hands.

Photo Credit: wwe.com