First look at WWE Elite 67 figures including Velveteen Dream revealed the latest wave of WWE Elite 67. This is an impressive lineup with some first ever Elite figures including Cedric Alexander, Velveteen Dream and Shayna Baszler.

Randy Orton

wwe elite 67 randy orton

We’ve gotten a ton of Elite Ortons, but at least this one features the most up to date version of The Viper.

Shayna Baszler

wwe elite 67 shayna baszler

Despite initial reports otherwise, Baszler will be coming with her NXT Women’s title.


Cedric Alexander

wwe elite 67 cedric alexander

I love when Mattel can work in a comic book character influenced attire like Ced’s Black Panther gear.

Rey Mysterio Jr.

wwe elite 67 rey mysterio jr.Likewise for Rey in his The Phantom getup from his Halloween Havoc 97 match against Eddie Guerrero.

Jeff Hardy

wwe elite 67 jeff hardy regularThe Charismatic Enigma comes with two figures. The one with the USA facepaint is the chase.

wwe elite 67 jeff hardy chaseWhat do you think of the reveals?

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