Netflix preparing to dig up and develop a Resident Evil TV series

It’s a big week for Resident Evil fans. The big news of course is the launch of Resident Evil 2 for current gen systems. Now we’ve got news that Netflix wants in on the franchise as well with a Resident Evil TV series.

Netflix is reportedly looking for a show runner to lead the series exploring the Umbrella Corporation, the group responsible for unleashing the T-Virus. That idea has potential and it certainly seems timely what with how corporations are willing to let folks suffer for inflated prescription bills.

There’s no word if the series would also include franchise mainstays like Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy, etc. although it’d be surprising if Albert Wesker didn’t play some part.

And with STARS already being in action before the events of the first Resident Evil, there’s no reason they couldn’t play a role in this presumably prequel series either.


Additionally, Constantin Film has brought Johannes Roberts on board to write/direct a reboot of the film series with a new cast. Hopefully this will mark the end of the Super Alice era films.

What do you think of the news? Any interest in seeing a Umbrella-focused Resident Evil series?

Photo Credit: Screen Gems