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Batwing cast in CW’s Batwoman series

Yes, Batwoman just has a pilot order from the CW so far, but you know there’s no way CW is passing on it. Best to just be ahead of the curve. The pilot has a few new cast additions and at least one familiar name.

Camrus Johnson (Luke Cage) will be playing Luke Fox. That last name is definitely familiar to even Batman movie and TV fans as Luke is the fun of Batman’s R&D tech guru Lucius Fox. Naturally the show is taking some liberties with the source material as Luke will be the one tasked with keeping Wayne Tower secure while Bruce Wayne continues his sabbatical from Gotham.


And just the mention of Luke being cast is enough to assume by the second season we’ll see Luke show up as Batwing.

luke-fox batwing

Luke was the second character to adapt the more Iron Man-influenced take on Batwing. Still, he was a fun character during his solo series Batwing run as well as part of the team in Detective Comics. In the Batman team series, Batwing became a close ally to Kate and even struck out with her and Azrael during a clash with Batman. It’ll be interesting to see if that dynamic is used for the show.


Megan Tandy will be playing Sophie Moore. From her character description: After graduating from military academy, Sophie rose through the ranks to become a high-level private security agent and one of Gotham’s staunchest protectors. Despite her bite and regimented outlook, Sophie has a soft side, illuminated by Kate Kane’s return.

Meagan-Tandy -joining Batwoman cast

Nicole Kang will be playing Kate Kane’s step-sister, Mary Hamilton. She’s described as ‘excitable, talkative, and an influencer-in-the-making and Kane’s polar opposite.’

Nicole Kang

In the comics, Kate’s relationship with her twin sister, Elizabeth, is very different as Kate initially believed her killed alongside her mother.


Elizabeth was not dead and became a mentally unstable criminal patterned after Alice in Wonderland. It’ll be interesting if Batwoman takes that same path.

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