Mattel adds a perfect addition to its WWE RetroFest line

I wasn’t sure what the status was of the WWE RetroFest line. With Toy Fair coming up we should have some idea about what lines are getting cancelled and which ones are getting shelved. Thankfully, it looks like Mattel is still invested in this one. That’s a good thing since it seems to be one of the main avenues to getting Flashback figures these days. The latest addition to the line is Mr. Perfect from his Survivor Series 1992 return.

While I hated that Perfect broke up the fun trio with Ric Flair and Bobby Heenan, it did lead to a pretty enjoyable second act for Perfect’s WWF run. Mattel delivered a new head sculpt for Perfect, which is always welcome. I still wish Mattel would get around to releasing a ponytail head sculpt so I could double and make for an nWo version, but this will do even with the Mr. Perfect logo.

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Perfect didn’t have a lot of other accessory options since he never regained the Intercontinental title during his 92-94 run. I appreciate getting the towel though. We’ve got the next round of RetroFest figures coming and they’re a solid lineup with Hacksaw Jim Duggan arriving shortly and Ric Flair and Perfect coming later to GameStop stores this summer.

What do you think of this new Perfect figure?

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