Danai Gurira departing The Walking Dead in Season 10

Michonne won’t be slicing and dicing zombies much longer. Danai Gurira is leaving The Walking Dead early into Season 10.

The series just renewed by AMC for Season 10 and with Andrew Lincoln gone to film movie stand-alone spin-offs, Gurira looked to be one of the featured players. Gurira of course made a huge splash on the big screen with her role in Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War.

With Black Panther 2 in the works and a potential Okoye spin-off, Gurira’s plate was going to be full and there’s no better time for her to make the full jump to the big screen.

Gurira follows Lincoln and Lauren Cohan, who is starring in a new series on ABC. Like Lincoln before her, Gurira won’t be on Season 10 long before departing for good.


We’re fast approaching the point where The Walking Dead is just going to feature Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon and Melissa McBride’s Carol. There’s not a lot of Season 2 regulars left now and the show has done some time jumps to account for new arrivals.

The Walking Dead didn’t suffer creatively when Rick Grimes was written off the show. Losing Maggie and Michonne as well seems rough, do you think the series can survive losing Gurira as well?

Photo Credit: AMC