The Flash: Seeing Red review S5 E11

Besides a few very questionable missteps, Seeing Red was one of the better episodes this season. For the most part characters acted consistently with their regular portrayals and Team Flash made some serious strides in their conflict with Cicada.

Dr. Ambers (Lossen Chambers) keeps pulling Cicada’s strings and sends him after a bunch of metas. It’s weird that he has to kill a number of them before Team Flash is convinced he’s back.

I’m glad the writers decided jerk Ralph was awful and are simply hoping everyone just goes along with this immensely more likable Season 5 take. Call it Ralph 2.0. Last year, Ralph was insufferable. This year is almost like a completely different character in Ralph’s body. I’m fine with this shift in his personality as jarring as it might be.

the flash seeing red - cicada ready to fight

The Caitlin/Killer Frost still isn’t doing a lot for me. Killer Frost has been around for three seasons now, but the writers are showing far more patience developing this dynamic than any other hero. Normally, that would be appreciated, but it feels like a forced way to give Caitlin more screen time at the expense of other characters. Also, it allows for more cheesy lines like Killer Frost doesn’t need a weapon, Killer Frost is the weapon. I still don’t care about the two personalities learning to co-exist.

Also, Is it more or does it feel like Cisco is slowly being phased out this season? This isn’t the first episode he’s just randomly written out. It’s almost as if Team Flash has too many people running around?


Sherloque’s obsession with solving the Nora mystery has been interesting and by far the best use of the character. His prodding irked Iris as she went into Protective Momma Bear Mode when Sherloque started asking one too many questions. But really Team Flash has blindly bought into everything Nora was selling without checking much of anything. Sherloque being skeptical is a good thing although I’d love if Iris started getting suspicious as well about Nora’s secrets. She is an investigative reporter after all.

In easily the biggest WTF moment of Seeing Red, Cicada has the chance to kill XS, but decides to just give her a strong forearm shiver to the back. He clearly had time to kill her, but because of her star power protective cone, Cicada was made to look like an idiot. His whole purpose is killing metas. Why would he be content just incapacitating Nora? Nora doesn’t emerge unscathed as she’s temporarily paralyzed. Team Flash didn’t lose Curtis’ number, did they? The Arrowverse long ago established a paralysis cheat code so this had no dramatic effect.

Barry and Cecile realize Cicada is using a list from the CCPD. And wouldn’t you know the one officer with a speaking role is the culprit. Flash has lost all semblance of common sense and needs Cecile to advise him on the best way to keep the metas on the list safe.

The showrunners never really take advantage of Flash’s powers in different ways like checking on all of the potential victims at superspeed until Cicada attacks one. Instead, they have Barry, Caitlin and Ralph round up everyone presumably to make it easier for him to kill everyone. It’ll cut down on his commuting at least. Team Flash stays green.

the flash seeing red - nora, iris and barry

It takes Killer Frost holding his blade back for Flash to get the drop on Cicada. And this time, Barry wants to make sure he stays down. Maybe we ran that whole Barry Allen murderer subplot too early? Nora arrives, freshly healed from her hours-long paralysis to stop Barry from becoming a killer. Cicada seizes the moment to exit stage left, but that’s the second time he’s run off with his tail between his legs. When does Cicada start becoming more menacing again?

Sherloque’s investigation pays off as he finds there’s two handwriting styles in Nora’s journal. One is Nora and the other is a new mystery.

After his latest homicide attempt was foiled, Barry has a new plan — to stop Cicada, they’ve got to appeal to his parental side — it’s time to wake up Grace. That’s more of a Flash solution and one that makes sense although this is way too early in the season for those kinds of smart ideas. What’s going to screw things up?

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW