Kick-Ass #12 review

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this new take on Kick-Ass and appreciate how the book has challenged the somewhat stale notion of what’s possible with a vigilante.

Writer Steve Niles wraps Patience’s vendetta with crime lord Santos this issue. Last time, Santos finally turned the tables on her and things looked real bad for our former soldier turned vigilante/crime boss. Especially when Santos brings out his Juggernaut-inspired ally Violencia.

Niles takes a pretty minimal approach with the script this issue, which was the right call. The final conflict with the big bad rarely has a lot of dialogue in the movies and this didn’t need to be any different.

This approach also lets artist Marcelo Frusin shine. Frusin sets the issue up in such a compelling cinematic fashion I felt like I was watching the Kick-Ass movie. The perspective choices are solid and the framing of the action was done in a way to make it flow seamlessly to the next panel. There’s no better example than in the fight with Violencia as Frusin does a fantastic job of putting the reader right in the middle of the battle. With some artists it’s like you’re watching the action from a distance, but Frusin nearly makes you feel every punch and kick.

Sunny Gho’s color work continues to be so smooth that it’s easy to take it for granted. Sunsets, bright classrooms and dark deserts have a noticeable change not just in the setting, but in the tone and how it’s a vital part of the story.


I’ve loved how this story has played out as Patience has the kind of discipline to pull off being a vigilante, student and mother. Niles keeps the series grounded in a way the previous incarnation rarely achieved. That’s allowed this take to feel like it’s got plenty of room to evolve and keeping the story fresh.

Still, the neat and tidy way Niles wrote this issue, it almost felt like a finale. Thankfully that’s not the case as the series returns in April with the same creative team and another round of what’s sure to be stellar Kick-Ass excitement.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics