Captain Marvel gets unleashed in new Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 trailer

Am I going to get a Nintendo Switch? That’s the big question after this Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 trailer. This is the first time I really feel burned with an exclusive. As a PS4 owner, I tend to be on the other side of amazing games other system owners want.

Just like the other installments in the series, Ultimate Alliance 3 looks to feature various elements of Marvel’s history with enemies including The Hand and Sentinels.



It’s no real shock that Captain Marvel gets profiled in this new trailer. Her movie is coming out March 8. Hopefully we’ll see a Black Panther feature as well as my boy Cyclops and other members of the X-Men. Can I really manage to avoid the temptation if Cyclops doesn’t make the cut? Maybe. But if the Fantastic 4 are all represented it might be a wash. Did you see that Sentinel battle?

marvel ultimate alliance 3 - captain marvel, iron fist, iron man and wolverine vs sentinels

The trailer revealed Iron Fist, Venom and Storm in action. I’m hoping the next trailer shows Luke Cage, Daredevil and Doctor Strange as they would be fun to see battling.


marvel ultimate alliance 3 -hulk, storm, star-lord and thor vs hand ninjas

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