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Toy Fair 2019: DC Collectibles reveals DC ¡Lucha Explosiva! line

DC Collectibles might be running low on time to produce figures, but they’ve come up with a pretty clever new theme with their Lucha Libre inspired line. In the DC ¡Lucha Explosiva! line, DC characters get envisioned as lucha stars.

I love these designs and colorful paint schemes. I’d like to get a better sense of the articulation as I can’t quite make out how DCC is pulling that off here. These are the kind of niche things DCC should probably keep cranking out as opposed to trying to compete in the traditional 6- or 7-inch scale action market.

The first wave will be released in August.


DC ¡Lucha Explosiva! batman



DC ¡Lucha Explosiva! deathstroke



DC ¡Lucha Explosiva! batman


DC ¡Lucha Explosiva! superman

Wonder Woman

I’m shocked we didn’t get a Joker in the first wave. I suppose if this line gets a second series we’ll see Joker, Harley Quinn, Nightwing and likely Flash, Green Lantern and Batgirl/Supergirl.

Photo Credit: DC Collectibles