Toy Fair 2019: WWE Attitude Era The Hardy Boyz the next Ringside Collectibles exclusive

I’ve been clamoring for classic versions of The Hardy Boyz ever since they returned to the WWE two Wrestlemanias ago.

It took way longer than it should have, but we’re finally getting Matt and Jeff in all of their TLC glory. And they look pretty much perfect. I appreciate that Mattel didn’t try and pretty them up and even went as far as obscuring Matt’s face like he typically had it during this era.

WWE Ringside Exclusive Hardy BoyzAs an exclusive set this two-pack features cloth shirts and vintage WWE tag team titles. It also looks like both have the gun hands, which I can definitely see being used by customizers for Bullet Club customs. And even lower level customizers like me.


We’ve only got one picture for now, but I’m sure Ringside Collectibles will put up a ton when they officially reveal their latest exclusive. It’s been a couple of releases since I’ve gotten one of their exclusives, but I’m sure this will be a hot seller.

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