Toy Fair 2019: WWE Elite 68 revealed – Daniel Bryan, King Mabel, ABA Undertaker

Any time I can get more than one Flashback out of an Elite wave I’m happy. With three? I’m living in an alternate universe.  WWE Elite 68 has an ideal mix of current stars and old school wrestlers.

Braun Strowman – I like the Stradivarius as it’s a very unique, one-off accessory. Definitely a creative inclusion for Braun, who’s already had a ton of figures in the last few Elite waves.

wwe elite 68 -braun strowman

Roman Reigns – Mattel really can’t do anything else with these figures to be interesting. He doesn’t even get a cool accessory like Braun.

wwe elite 68 - roman reigns

Daniel Bryan – I don’t remember these tights, but I imagine they’re from his recent comeback.

wwe elite 68 - daniel bryan

Brie Bella – As far as female Elite figures go, this is decent, but I’ve got no interest in adding another Bella figure to my collection.

wwe elite 68 - brie bella


King Mabel – I’m definitely getting this guy. I wish the chase versions were a bit more distinct like swapping the gold and purple instead of the design.

ABA Undertaker – Besides that slight torso, this is a pretty good representation of the other version of Biker Taker.

wwe elite 68 - aba undertaker

Pat Patterson – Pat is a Walmart exclusive. Let’s collectively shudder in terror at the thought of tracking this guy down. The good thing is Patterson pretty much looked like this for all of his WWE career so it can work as wrestler version and Corporate Stooge. His pants are cloth so maybe this ill allow for a fighting Sgt. Slaughter version too?

wwe elite 68 - pat patterson walmart exclusive

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