Toy Fair 2019: New WWE Retrofest, Battle Packs and Retro figures revealed

The WWE Toy Fair 2019 releases keep on coming. We’ve seen the Elites and exclusive Hardy Boyz two-pack. Now it’s time for the latest Basics wave, Battle Packs and more.

WWE Basic Series 96

WWE Battle Packs Series 59


I’m not quite sure what the point was of having Seth Rollins wearing the Shield T-shirt and having Ambrose without it. I’m loving that new AJ Styles headsculpt and the colors on the Hardy Boyz set really pop.


WWE Retro

I wish I had more of my old Hasbro WWF figures as I would really be in this line. It would have been cool putting the Samoa Joe and Randy Orton against the other Legends. It’s kinda funny having a vintage Macho Man in the line though.

WWE RetroFest

wwe retrofest the iron sheikThe Iron Sheik is the latest legend to get the RetroFest treatment in the GameStop exclusive line. I love Sheik and all, but he’s an odd choice for this line. We still need a few more Razor Ramon variants. This line would be ideal for an Allied Powers British Bulldog with the long hair or a Camp Cornette version. I also wouldn’t be mad at a red tights Junkyard Dog or a Dream Team version Brutus Beefcake.