Toy Fair 2019: Official Marvel Legends X-Men, Alex Ross Avengers, 80th anniversary figures

Good grief. If Hasbro didn’t leave you floored as a Marvel Legends collector this year, check your pulse and sell off your collection. From the official reveal of the Avengers Big Three done in the style of Alex Ross, two-packs, the Magneto Family Three pack and more (X-Men Vintage wave! Colossus! Nightcrawler!) this was probably no exaggeration the best Toy Fair for Marvel fans ever. There was something for everyone. Let’s break down the reveals.


This is another movie-heavy wave I’m assuming as we were only shown Rock Python and Shuri from Black Panther. Rock Python is a member of the Serpent Society, which is slowly getting a nice assortment of members. I love that Hasbro is going this deep into such a fringe group of villains.

The Alex Ross inspired version of Captain America, Iron Man and Thor look tremendous. Thor will be perfect so long as he’s scaled properly.

We also look to have a winner for the Best Hulk figure ever too with this two pack with First Appearance Wolverine. Both look incredible. Pun intended.

Captain America also gets a pretty cool Legendary Riders figures with his WWII togs.

Marvel Legends Vehichles 6-Inch Captain America WWII Figure and Vehicle oop


I wouldn’t need to see another figure after Spider-Woman. So pumped to see her in the line and add another Secret Wars character to the collection. I really like the Scorpion figure. I can now retire my Toy Biz version. The red and black figure is cool, but I’ve always liked the classic red and blue look. Hydro Man might be my favorite of this wave though thanks to his great water accessories and perfect thug expression. Doppelganger Spider-Man is a fun version we knew was coming. It looks fine even with the lack of torso articulation.


Marvel Cinematic Universe

Hasbro continues to go deep into the universe. First we get a Captain America and Peggy Carter two-pack from Captain America: The First Avenger. I definitely wanted a Peggy Carter figure so this is a must get.  Next we get Korg and Grandmaster from Thor: Ragnarok. That’s a great pairing.  Finally, we get Hela and Skurge, also from Ragnarok. From Avengers: Infinity War we get a Loki and Corvus Glave and Iron Man and Iron Spider-Man two-pack. And a Luis and Ghost pack from

Marvel Spider-Man Homcoming Legends Series 6-Inch Spider-Man and MJ Figures in pck

X-Men Vintage

Did this wave steal the show? Hard to tell, but it was another winner. We got Cyclops in my second favorite attire with the 2nd version X-Factor outfits. The blue is a bit darker than it should be, but that color scheme pops. Dazzler is great and I appreciate adding another member of the Outback era squad. Silver Samurai was a surprise and a character that’s probably been a bit overdue. I’m not quite sold on the Wolverine, but it’s not the worst variant. It definitely has a sharp head sculpt.

X-Men Two-Pack

Colossus! And a battle damaged Juggernaut. While I wish we didn’t have to rebuy a BAF to get Colossus, Hasbro tried to make it worth our while.


This one was rumored, but it really turned out better than I had any reason to expect. Classic Cannonball and Boom Boom gives us two more essential members of Cable’s classic team. Now it’s time for Warpath, Rictor, Feral and Siryn.

The Mr. Sinister is OK. I’m not sure if I like all of the black accents as I always thought it was just darker shades of blue.

Nightcrawler is 100% perfect with a fierce and fun-loving head sculpt. This is of course going to make me more obnoxious in my clamoring for a Giant Sized Storm and Banshee.

Walgreens exclusive

Infamous Iron Man and Emma Frost will be showing up at Walgreens soon.

Photo Credit: Hasbro