Sharkey The Bounty Hunter #1 review

Mark Miller doesn’t kick off his latest Netflix collaboration, Sharkey the Bounty, with the same sense of having to hook the reader right away like The Magic Order or Prodigy.

Instead, Millar takes a more relaxed approach of establishing this new character and his world.

As the name implies, Sharkey is a bounty hunter and he’s pretty good at his gig. But his gambling debts have cost him a comfortable lifestyle. Things could turn around though with a big score that could set him on Easy Street. If only Sharkey can figure out what to do with a loose end from his last gig.

I’m not going to be convinced that Burt Reynolds wasn’t the inspiration for Sharkey, which makes the character instantly more appealing to me.

The futuristic setting also makes Sharkey engaging as Millar explores some unique possibilities like people enhancing their bodies to become machines.


Simone Bianchi was a great choice of artist for this book. Bianchi has such a distinct style with regards to perspectives and angles to really have some fun with this title.

Bianchi also handles the color work, which in this title is a key part of the presentation. It’d be hard not to with a protagonist with purple skin.

I’m intrigued with the premise and curious what Millar and Bianchi will do to continue making this more than the typical bounty hunter story. So far I’m definitely interested.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics