Arrow: Star City Slayer review S7 E13

Star City Slayer marked Arrow’s mini winter break with some departures and a couple of big reveals. For the long-term benefit of the show, I was thrilled with the departures. The big reveals weren’t as shocking or game changing in a season still searching for a big angle.

On the present day storyline, the focus was tracking down the Star City Slayer, who was starting to leave ominous notes to Team Arrow. I appreciated the team not doing normal Arrowverse-foolishness and keeping the notes to themselves for four or five weeks. Curtis doesn’t get one, but he did receive another bit of news in the form of a job offer. Let’s refresh here. Last week it was Curtis who was so thrilled that Team Arrow was back together again and now he’s ready to skip town? I’m really going to need the Arrow writers to do a better job of syncing up what the characters are doing from week to week.

William is acting like a spoiled brat sniffling and whining while Oliver and Felicity continue to enable him. He needs a visit with Tyrion or be lucky Joe West isn’t his dad. As a reminder, William’s scenes both present and future suck. As in he’s a charisma and interest vacuum and I don’t care at all what happens to him. This week he’s whining about wanting to have a normal life.

Again, this is the same William who last season rushed out to help Oliver deal with Diaz. The writing team can’t be bothered to stay in continuity from one month to the next so I can’t expect them to be consistent with anything that happened last season. To have a normal life, William wants to live with his grandparents. Totally normal. At least they can’t coddle him any more than Oliver and Felicity.

arrow star city slayer - diggle, curtis and rene

Team Arrow finds another body with a note and tracks a lead down to a deserted house. Typically, Arrow isn’t so obvious with mysteries, but it seemed pretty clear immediately that this killer/Star City Slayer was Oliver’s old Slabslide pal Stanley. It seems so long ago when I thought this season had a ton of potential even with Oliver cooped up in prison. Diggle, Curtis, Dinah and Rene tangle with Stanley, who manages to slash Dinah’s throat. Fortunately, Curtis had a cheat code device to cauterize the wound. And what convinced him to bring this untested device out on the field for this particular mission? That was exceptionally lazy writing to not even bother introducing this magic healer in an earlier scene.

Stanley escapes and manages to paralyze Oliver, Felicity and William. Apparently Stanley used a weak dose as William is able to nudge a bottle to Oliver who knocks Stanley out. So ends the threat of the Star City Slayer. I feel like this really could and should have been more eventful.

Curtis does decide to leave, but first he’s got to do like every genius on Arrow — sign over full control of a company to Felicity. Curtis literally has made it so Felicity can walk, he makes magic healing devices and Felicity is the one who deserves the company to help find herself? Ugh. BTW, Felicity is the least equipped person to run a company (see also: Palmer Tech and Queen Consolidated).


The farewells aren’t over as William does decide to go with his grandparents. Bye. No, seriously thanks for wiping out the only meaningful impact of Prometheus’ final act. Appreciate it, William. But just as William leaves, Felicity learns she’s pregnant. But is it Oliver’s child? Kidding. Of course it’s Oliver’s. They were meant to be together. Dead Laurel told me.

But who could it be? This is from the Jeph Loeb school of revelations where there’s only one new character introduced so by default it’s got to be them. In this case, we get the big shock from the flash forwards.

arrow star city slayer - william and blackstar

William, Dinah, Zoe and Roy track down a lead at the Arrowcave only to get ambushed by Blackstar and Connor. Dinah recognizes Connor Hawke as Diggle’s son. Blackstar threatens to kill Zoe unless William spills the beans on Archer. As Archer knows how to find Felicity. But during this back and forth, William mentions Felicity is his step-mother prompting Blackstar to reveal (duh duh dummmm) that she’s Mia Smoak…(not Queen?)

Star City Slayer had some significant moments for this season, but man, they all failed to deliver anything of note this episode. I’m close to mentally checking out of this season and there doesn’t seem to be a lot that can turn the tide for me.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW