Anakin Skywalker prepares to make his debut on Star Wars Battlefront II

The Chosen One arrives on Star Wars Battlefront II to turn the tide and tease an ominous tragedy. Anakin Skywalker enters the battlefield to wreck shop and push the Republic to victory.

Anakin arrives on Feb. 27 and EA Sports teased one of the many epic confrontations in store:


Anakin won’t exactly be coming alone. Battlefront II’s latest update will include new clone trooper skins including Darth Vader’s 501st legion and Coruscant Guard.

Battlefront II animator Mattias Kirsten broke down how Anakin will be presented on

The Anakin we’re bringing to Star Wars Battlefront II is still on the light side, meaning that we don’t want his anger to show explicitly in the lightsaber combat animation. We rather want to give hints on how it lingers just below the surface. One way of doing that is having his attacks being slightly wide. In some cases, his lightsaber is even hitting the floor, making sparks fly.

So, he performs this very practiced and controlled move, but it’s slightly off-balanced, giving us a peek into how his passion and emotions affect his style. Anakin is confident in his own abilities, so we’re having him standing with his back straight, even while attacking and dodging. We want to convey that Anakin never really loses that control, because he’s so good, and he can see exactly what’s going on.


Kirsten also teased there’s some foreshadowing with the animation as well. ‘For example, Anakin has Darth Vader’s walk. You might not notice it if you’re not looking for it specifically. But it’s there.’

Photo Credit: EA Sports