DC Multiverse Wave 11 is up for pre-order

Mattel might be losing its DC action figures license to McFarlane Toys, but it’s still got a year to release some quality figures that debuted last year. Pre-orders have now gone up for the latest wave.

There’s some changes from the initial announcement at San Diego Comic Con 2018. Wave 11 consists of John Stewart Green Lantern, Beast Boy, Nightwing, Starfire, Wally West The Flash, CW Black Lightning with Batman Ninja being the Collect and Connect figure. That probably works out better for me as I had no interest in buying Batman Ninja for a CAC piece since I hated that movie.

dc comics multiverse ninja batman

Black Lightning and John Stewart are odd outliers in a wave that’s so Titans focused. We still haven’t seen what Black Lightning will look like yet, but I figure I’ll be getting him anyway.

dc comics multiverse john stewart

We’ve finally got a better 6″ Starfire, Nightwing looks great and Beast Boy has a ton of personality. I love the Rebirth version of Wally’s outfit and glad we’re getting this as a figure.

Based on how frustrating it’s been to find figures in stores, going the online route is probably the best option. You can pre-order these guys now at Big Bad Toy Store.


Photo Credit: Mattel