Gotham: 13 Stitches review S5 E6

Geesh, we’re already closing in on the home stretch of Gotham’s final season. It’s been so much fun, I’m really blown about the decision to make this one a shortened 13-episode season instead of a full 22 episode run.

13 Stitches marked the anticipated return of a key figure from the past couple of seasons and another shocking bombshell. It’s interesting watching how the writers are pulling the pieces together to fall more in line with the regular Batman continuity. I didn’t think that would ever be possible three seasons ago, but it’s all coming into place surprisingly well.

Gotham-13-Stitches review -lucius, nygma, barbara and alfred

Gordon has to escape with the mind-controlled Nygma through burned Gotham streets. The set design in this chase scene was exceptional. That’s always been a strong point of Gotham even when the show was so-so. Gordon has a solution for mind control — electric shock courtesy of some defibrillators in an ambulance. It’s effective and fries the chip in Nygma’s brain.

With the GCPD not an option, Bruce goes to the one person he can sorta trust — Barbara. As much as I’ve liked Lee and Gordon, I’m 100% down for new edgy Barbara and Gordon. They’re broken and damaged enough to make their relationship work this time. Eduardo is smart enough to figure Gordon would go to her as well, but gets suckered into thinking Nygma is still under his control.

The secondary subplot isn’t as crazy as some previous weeks, but is still entertaining. Penguin has a different problem as he’s planning to blow this pop stand, but first he’s got to deal with a nuisance who broke into his vault and made off with some valuable jewels. To catch a thief you’ve got to hire a thief and Penguin goes to the best one he knows — Selina. Not surprisingly, Selina knows this thief — it’s Magpie.

Gotham-13-Stitches review -penguin and selina

I was a little shocked the Gotham costume designers went so tame with Magpie’s look as she’s the kind of character I thought they’d go all-out since her comic design is so outlandish. Selina agrees provided Penguin takes her out of Gotham too and shares some of his haul. Selina finds Magpie and this time Penguin is prepared for her with a booby trap that incapacitates her long enough for him to get a cheap kill shot. Yep, that’s pretty much in line with Oswald Cobblepot.


At the GCPD, Bruce and Alfred realize Eduardo’s men seem a bit too casual about Gordon’s whereabouts. That lands them in Delta Force custody…temporarily as Bruce and Alfred fight their way out. I love how Bruce’s coat resembles a cape while he’s fighting. Eduardo realizes there’s no need to keep up pretenses and puts Bullock and the other officers in the holding cells.

Bruce and Alfred meet up with Lucius, who’s with Gordon, Barbara and Nygma. To regain control of the GCPD, they need a plan that could work thanks to some knockout gas. Eduardo has another ace up his sleeve and tells Gordon they’ve got Lee. Time for Hero #PlanWhatPlan? Jim Gordon to return. Eduardo doesn’t mind going mano-a-mano with Gordon while Nygma waltzes in to the GCPD with a bomb and a riddle.

Nygma is just stalling for time so Bruce can take out Eduardo’s men on the roof and unleash the knockout gas. In maybe one of the best segments in Gotham’s history, it’s Bullock who cracks the riddle. That’s one of those little moments Gotham does so well. Nygma is amazed Bullock could ruin his own rescue so effectively. Eduardo reveals to Gordon that Haven’s creation led government officials to believe Gotham’s criminal element wasn’t so threatening. Destroying it meant Walker could play the hero by saving the city.

Gordon manages to impale Eduardo, but can’t do anything to save Lee. No need Jim. Lee managed to take out Eduardo’s man all on her own. Even if she can’t remember anything since the evacuation. Naturally, Barbara isn’t thrilled to see Lee, who remembers she and Ed killed each other. But if Penguin wanted Hugo Strange to cure both of them does that mean…? Yep, Walker (Jamie Murray) arrives in Gotham with a breathing device to help Eduardo and a tidbit that Nygma wasn’t her only operative. Cue Lee getting brain zapped into trying to kill Gordon.

Gotham-13-Stitches review -bane gets his mask

He’s prepared this time and takes her out. This leaves Gordon so rattled he blows off Barbara, but she drops a bombshell that she’s pregnant. Man that happens fast in Gotham! Lee’s look of disgust and Bullock’s awkward congratulations was amazing.

Bruce sent Alfred off to get some more supplies from their apartment. Not being an idiot, Alfred realizes someone is watching him, but he’s unprepared for Jeremiah and a tranquiler. He laughs as he proclaims this is the big day. The big day for what? Good grief, Gotham is delivering on making this a seriously addictive, binge-worthy season. And with next week’s episode titled Ace Chemicals it looks like we’re in store for a doozy.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: Fox