Marvel Legends Spider-Man Noir figure review

Hey look who remembered that it’s OK to do some new figure reviews. Sorry for the long absence gang. We moved and about 90% of my collection is still awaiting its new location in the figure room. But, I need open up my Foldio and can start taking some pics even if it’s not with the usual array of comparison shots like normal. All in good time.

Like everyone else — including the Academy! — I loved Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. It might be my favorite non-Marvel Studios Marvel film. One of the featured players was Spider-Man Noir. Nicholas Cage had an awesome 2018 and his voice work on the character was fantastic. That helped bring Spider-Man Noir to the top of my Marvel Legends figures to review.

Hasbro was ahead of the curve and tapped the comics Spider-Verse for the fun Spider-Man Noir figure. It’s dark and gloomy and maybe a little misunderstood. One thing for sure is this is another great addition to a pretty remarkable Spider-Man display.

Packaging:  I haven’t been away long enough for the package setup to change at all. It’s the black with red accents featuring a portrait on the side with a quick bio explaining the character. For the Spider-Verse characters, Hasbro really should include a bit more information for newbies and parents.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Noir figure review - package bio

Likeness:  It’s hard to find a consistent look for Spider-Man Noir. Each artist seems to add their own unique touch to the costume. And the Marvel Universe/Legends figure didn’t feature the trench coat. Still there are some elements that are always included.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Noir figure review - outfit details

The stitched together mask with aviator glasses and chinstrap gives Spider-Man Noir a very distinct look. Hasbro nailed the head sculpt with each level getting a commendable amount of detailed work. I love how the nose and mouth look wrapped against cloth in a way we don’t always see with the various Spider-Man figures. And it kinda gives me a Snake-Eyes vibe so this look is a big winner for me.

It seems the turtleneck is usually common with this outfit and Hasbro sculpted this new piece to work with the reused Ghost Rider torso. It’s got the right amount of folds and creases to look consistent with the rest of the outfit.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Noir figure review - aiming right

Hasbro has gotten much better about choosing the best parts for various figures. Speaking of, Spider-Man Noir’s trench coat is borrowed from the Nick Fury figure. The dramatic flowing nature of it works very well for Noir Spidey. I would have liked the fedora to really emphasize that 30s look, but I’m sure I can find one cheap or hanging around in my collection.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Noir figure review - mask detail

Scale:  Spider-Man Noir is portrayed as a tougher, more rugged version of Peter Parker so it makes sense that he would use the larger Spidey buck we’ve seen on Spider-Man UK and Cosmic Spidey.


Marvel Legends Spider-Man Noir figure review - aiming on one knee

Paint:  You’d think this all black figure wouldn’t have much by way of a paint job, but Hasbro mixed up the matte and glossy blacks to break it up. That was a smart call and it looks sharp. The goggles have a solid silver while the mask has a lighter grey. I really like the look of this guy and the variations of black and grey help to seal the deal.

Articulation:  I was leery of this coat as the Nick Fury had very limited movement. Apparently Hasbro made some tweaks to the arms as it wasn’t an issue here at all. The coat is soft enough that I was able to move him just fine. I wish the arms weren’t so tight and the ankle joint had better range, but overall, this is a fun Spider-Man figure to pose.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Noir figure review - ready for battle


Marvel Legends Spider-Man Noir figure review - on the runSpider-Man Noir has:

  • neck
  • shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • knee
  • ankle

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Noir figure review - heading out

Accessories:  I already mentioned I wish Hasbro included a hat, but he does his other trademark accessory — his two pistols. I can’t recall whose blasters Hasbro repurposed here, but they definitely look a little hi-tech for the Noir world. That’s a minor quibble as they fit in the hands and line up with the trigger fingers with no problem.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Noir figure review - blasters up

Finally, he comes with the left arm of the BAF Lizard, who I’m still very undecided if I’m going to actually finish building. This is the trouble of getting more than half a wave as finishing the BAF becomes a thing.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Noir figure review - accessories in tray

Worth it?  I grabbed Spider-Man Noir for $20. With the BAF piece and enough newly sculpted pieces, this was another winner for me.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Noir figure review - soaring through the air

Rating: 9 out of 10

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Noir figure review - noir pic

Where to get it?  He’s going to be tricky to track down now. Amazon has him for higher than normal, but he’s worth adding to your collection and I doubt he’s going to come down in price anytime soon.