The Walking Dead: Guardians review S9 E12 – Henry starts another war

Guardians was another solid episode for The Walking Dead as this episode explored protectors from all angles.

It’s safe to say Alpha won’t win Mother of the Year, you know if there those kinds of superlatives still being passed out in Walker World. She’s disappointed with her debriefing of Lydia, who didn’t manage to get any worthwhile information from Hilltop. Lydia does keep a few tidbits secret like the existence of The Kingdom. But of course our favorite lovestruck puppy Henry manages to get caught by Alpha’s right hand man Beta (Ryan Hurst). Attention Kevin Feige, your search for an MCU Sabretooth should begin and end with Hurst, who’s basically a tree masquerading as a person.

Alpha’s management skills come into question so she does the natural thing with the dissenters. Decapitates one and gives the boyfriend her head before shivving him. Gotta assume the Whisperers don’t have a lot of Challenge Days. And it’s at this point Henry is probably very happy he wore his dark jeans.

the walking dead guardians review -beta

Daryl, Connie and Dog catch up to Henry…and the Whisperers pretty quick. Like I figured, this trio is amazing and Connie feels so much more useful away from her fellow newbies. Breaking them apart from the group gradually was a smart play and now they want to be part of the community and really contribute. Daryl is impressed by Connie’s slingshot form while I’m impressed that Daryl trained Dog to fetch his arrows. No sense making more when Dog can grab them from walker carcasses.

Alpha and Beta are worried Lydia might have gotten soft at Hilltop and command her to kill Henry.


Back at Alexandria, Michonne is ripping the council a new one for withholding information from her. In fairness, keeping secrets from the head of security is a surefire way to get someone killed. Oh, right Jesus. The council wants to revisit the idea of the trade fair since The Kingdom is intent on having it. Michonne is like ‘hello, there’s crazies running around as walkers and y’all want to some apples for some screws?’ If this were a debate, Michonne would be ahead on points big time. And that’s even before Aaron chimes in to back her call. Hot take: this second half of the season needs more Aaron.

What Michonne doesn’t need is more of Negan. She’s stunned he’s back in his cell after escaping. Negan calls out Michonne’s sweet racket of establishing a charter for the community, but giving herself the ultimate veto power. Man’s got a point. Negan proposes being Michonne’s sounding board leader to lead..former leader. It’s not the worst idea, but Negan’s delivery needed a little work to stay on message.

the walking dead guardians review -negan

Michonne catches up to Judith and explains why talking to Negan is a terrible idea. I feel like this would have made for more effective bed time stories a few years ago. Keep Judith up late at night worrying about the head crushing, bat-wielding baddie escaping his cell. This definitely would have prevented Judith from feeling sorry for Negan because he listens to her.

Gabriel is torn about Rosita having Siddiq’s baby. You’d think Gabriel would appreciate the irony of balking at the thought of raising a child that’s not his own. You know, Pastor Gabriel. Nevermind. It’s up to Eugene to try and talk some sense into Gabriel and he’s brought PowerPoint. OK, more like charts, but Eugene was totally the guy everyone in the office hated as he had a slide for every contingency. While the charts freak Gabriel out, he does take Eugene’s advice and the stretchy pants he made for Rosita. This dynamic is weird, but I’m also bummed about one of the realm’s best fighters being wasted on a love triangle/square storyline.

Although she thinks it’s a horrible idea, Michonne won’t veto the fair. Aaron isn’t thrilled about the decision, but goes along with it. You know what’s needed? A big Whisperer battle to make them regret the fair. But how could Hilltop get on the bad side of The Whisperers again?

the walking dead guardians review - gabriel and eugene

Maybe from Daryl and Connie leading walkers to their camp while they’re wearing walker masks. Way to be adaptable Daryl. This loss of Whisperer life is one thing, but taking Lydia and Henry with them is not going to make Alpha happy. Maybe it’s time for another vote?

Guardians felt like a classic throwback episode of The Walking Dead where the characters are making logical decisions, but a few bad choices causes widespread problems. I’m curious to see how next week plays out, which hasn’t always been the case with this series a couple of seasons ago.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: AMC