Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley, other superstars mourn the death of King Kong Bundy

Geesh. Between the news that Luke Perry succumbed to his massive stroke yesterday and King Kong Bundy’s death late Monday, it’s already been a crummy week. Bundy was the first true monster heel that frightened me as an early Hulkamaniac.

When he squashed fools with his avalanche demanding a five count, I thought he was unstoppable. Especially after he broke Hogan’s ribs. The first Wrestlemania main event was more of a spectacle, but it was Bundy’s steel cage match with Hogan that really sold me on the idea that Wrestlemania was special. And that was in large part to Bundy’s intimidating presence. Bundy died at the age of 61.

He was a classic member of The Heenan Family and was involved in some major moments including teaming with Big John Studd when Paul Orndorff turned on Hogan. He tried to squash members of his own team in a Wrestlemania 3 match and was a quintessential heel in the Hulkamania era surviving the first Survivor Series with fellow monsters Andre the Giant and the One Man Gang.

Here’s some tributes from some of his peers.


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