Arrow: Brothers and Sisters review S7 E14

I will happily play Aragorn or Legolas to defend the honor of Captain Marvel from the man-childs that are upset a movie has a female lead. If they turned their attention to Arrow….well, I’d more than likely be reaching for my popcorn. With so many intriguing subplots in the Arrow universe naturally everything revolved around the star of the season. I came close to giving up How I Met Your Mother when it became the Barney Stinson Show, but Arrow is reaching my breaking point with Felicity.

Brothers and Sisters opened up with Felicity having nightmares about Diaz killing her. It’s weird that he’s her boogeyman instead of Slade, Damien Dahrk or Laurel, you know people who killed loved ones Felicity knows instead of the job guy with the dragon tattoo.

Diaz can’t even hang with China White in a Suicide Squad sparring session these days. Oliver barely spent a full Season 1 episode dealing with her. With time running out on the secret nature of Ghost Initiative, Diggle thinks it’s time to loop Oliver and Felicity in. As a man accustomed to keeping a few secrets, Oliver gets it. Besides, it’s not Diaz has ever been that huge a threat and he’s got a bomb in his head. That’s enough of an insurance policy for Oliver. Felicity however is outraged that Diggle would have the gall to prioritize his job over keeping his friend’s safe.

Also Felicity: catching up with her new BFF Laurel plotting a way to trigger Diaz’s brain bomb. The same Laurel who killed her pal Dinah’s man Vince. ‘So when you’re close enough Laurel, you do it.’ Awesome plan again Felicity. ‘The only reason we kept Diaz alive was to get Oliver out of prison.’ So all those dead prison guards are on you then, huh? Laurel doesn’t think the murder plot is a little out of control, but has noticed Felicity gorging on chocolate and immediately deduces she’s pregnant. But don’t tell anyone including Oliver because I haven’t had the right time to tell him.

This is the same Felicity who chewed out Oliver for not telling her about his deal with not Amanda Waller forcing him to go to prison, right? These timeline changes keep throwing me off. Laurel assures Felicity she’s going to be the best mother ever because every Arrow episode this season requires Felicity to get propped up just for being Felicity.

arrow brothers and sisters -felicity and laurel

Oliver tries to make some headway with Emiko, who’s understandably leery of big bro hovering over her shoulder. He comes with a gift — some data Felicity pulled up. Emiko doesn’t need most of it since she understands the complexities of Google in a way that Oliver never could. She’s not as hostile to Renee and Oliver shows why she was right to give him the cold shoulder as he benches her since she’s not deputized. Hold up. Oliver has been running around as The OG Illegal Vigilante and since he got a shiny new badge he’s trying to act brand new with Emiko? At least Renee checked him and told him how much of a goof he sounded.

Diggle’s squad doesn’t have much success with their first mission as their lead kills himself rather than turning on Dante (Adrian Paul). With this mission a bust, Lyla gets set to turn in her resignation. Oliver has a long talk with Felicity and she signs his permission slip and lets him help Diggle and Lyla, but she’s going to chaperone. So is Oliver now deputized by ARGUS as well?


Lyla’s shady ARGUS colleague is working with Dante, which wasn’t a huge surprise since he always came off shady. Diaz disrupts the bomb and warns Dante of the setup. Dante shows off some nifty knife tossing moves and escapes from Oliver and Lyla. Hey, where was Diggle? He was making sure Felicity was safe. This time when it came to prioritizing, Diggle chose his family over the mission. Felicity gave him this glaring look like ‘that’s right’ that nearly gave me a headache from the force of my eye roll.

Of course failing to nab Dante has consequences, namely Diggle offering to submit his resignation. If you’re keeping track that’s two black people who have lost their jobs for Felicity this season and yes, I’m absolutely keeping score.

While he helped out Dante, someone wasn’t thrilled with Diaz as they doused him with gas and lit him on fire. If you gotta go, go up in Smoak!

The episode’s big reveal though was Felicity told Oliver she’s pregnant! YES! Another life to ruin for the world’s worst parents! Wait, hold on, according to my notes the real biggest reveal this episode didn’t involve Felicity at all (huh?). It’s actually that Emiko is aligned with Dante. Oh yeah, like in Season 5 when Prometheus did that better with Evelyn!

arrow brothers and sisters - dead diaz

In our depressing glimpse of the future. Mia is gloating William didn’t know about their shared parentage. And if there were any doubt she was Felicity’s kid, Mia gets all bent out of shape when Connor knew Oliver and Felicity were her parents. Mind you, she didn’t mention this to Connor, but somehow felt betrayed?

Why does William care about what happened to Felicity if he never saw her or Oliver after he left for board school after his grandparents gained custody? He continually blew them off. It was ironic in this same episode, Oliver was in his feelings about William not returning his calls. Mia confirms that being the kid they wanted wasn’t so great either as she questions if Oliver was a hero. He was married to your mother kid, he was a saint. By virtue of actually living with Felicity for more than one season, Mia knows more of Felicity’s tricks including the cube within the cube. There’s an audio cassette in the cube. Now let’s see who is really Felicity’s kid and can play outdated tech the fastest.

Brothers and Sisters was OK, but the shifting goalposts logic/agenda of Felicity has worn me down. I’m real close to needing a long break from this series.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW