Hit-Girl Season 2 #2 review – Mindy sees double in Hollywood

Mindy has made it to the big time. Yep, she’s in Hollywood and is thoroughly disgusted to see her life story is being mangled for a big screen blockbuster.

It’s one thing to have a book written about her life, but another to go on set and watch a well-meaning, but clueless actress try and explain her Hit-Girl motivation. Mindy’s not thrilled about this one bit, yet understands the real menace isn’t the actors or the production team, but the studios heads abusing their power. Sure, there’s the now obligatory #MeToo subplot, but Hit-Girl is perhaps the best comic book character to unleash on the sleazy side of Hollywood.

Kevin Smith is writing this chapter and there’s few better to show the not so glamorous side of Hollywood. Smith has done some memorable comic book work so it’s not shocking he delivers with the unfiltered Hit-Girl.

Unlike some recent takes on the character, Smith is able to show a more sympathetic side to Mindy beyond psychotic killing machine. That comes from Mindy’s reaction to seeing Big Daddy getting ‘killed’ in front of her. It’s a traumatic moment for a character used to dishing out hardcore death and destruction herself.


One of my favorite aspects of this run of Hit-Girl is the revolving creative teams and the various artists’ take on Mindy. Pernille Ørum is one of the more unique artists to work on Hit-Girl as she’s probably most well-known for creating the character designs for DC Superhero Girls. I loved Ørum’s work as she has this somewhat Disney animated style like Steve Byrne, but brings out so much emotion in her characters.

This Disney meets Hit-Girl visual also plays appropriately with the Hollywood setting where there’s all this dirt and grime underneath the gorgeous exteriors. Colorist Sunny Gho continues to be one of the best in the industry and the pairing with Ørum is showcasing her work on a higher level.

Smith takes a surprising twist with the arc with the reveal of Hit-Girl’s actual adversary that also plays in nicely with the Hollywood theme. This is already shaping up to be a memorable Hit-Girl run and I’m excited to see what Smith and Ørum have in store next issue.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics