Check out the new Bloody Palace Mode free update for Devil May Cry 5

Just in case you haven’t had enough fun wiping out demons and monsters, Capcom has a new update for Devil May Cry 5 players with the Bloody Palace mode.

Although the release is slated for April 1, it’s not an April Fool’s gag.

Devil May Cry 5__Bloody_Palace_Screens_03

Bloody Palace is a survival mode that pits you against hordes of increasingly difficult enemies and bosses whilst racing against the ticking timer. Play as Dante, Nero or V in Bloody Palace Mode through multiple levels of enemies and truly test your SSStylish skills.


The smokin’ sexy stylish Devil May Cry 5 is currently available worldwide for the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, and PC.

Devil May Cry 5__Bloody_Palace_Screens_02

Photo Credit: Capcom