Arrow: Training Day review S7 E15

Training Day neatly summed up all the problems this season of Arrow has had with trying to make Team Arrow legit. A subplot that could have thoughtfully explored how Oliver and company deal with working under the law gets wiped out over the course of one episode to revert to status quo. No one had any thoughts this was going to be a long-term storyline, but geesh, give it a chance to have some weight first.

Despite being active vigilantes for years, Team Arrow has to go through deputy training. This segment was kind of silly for numerous reasons not the least of which was the team training side by side with other new recruits on seemingly very basic police academy lessons. I’d make a Mahoney joke, but I’m too afraid no one would get the reference. And is Felicity deputized now too? I’m confused how this partnership works namely are they getting paid by the city? And if not, how is anyone on Team Arrow besides Dinah paying their bills?

Oliver is convinced working with the SCPD is the best way to make the city safe for their baby. What exactly has he been doing these past six years? Making it just alright for everyone? I’m thinking a lot of parents felt safer someone took out the rampaging Mirakuru soldiers or the serial killer was stopped. In the issue of being transparent as secrets have always worked out so terribly for the team, Oliver and Felicity decide to keep her pregnancy a secret. Makes sense.

The team gets a lead on an acidic bullet, but Mayor Pollard wants them to dress like regular officers and ditch their tech. That’s going to be a huge problem for Diggle and Rene. Also, why they heck would Pollard care now when she was hardly concerned about dress protocol when Team Arrow saved her a few weeks ago. It’s like the writers aren’t sure which way they want to go with Pollard and have her be a nuisance as needed and an enabler the next segment.


None of Team Arrow (save Diggle) respects Dinah’s authority as the police captain and constantly questions her plans. The thing is all of Team Arrow agreed to this arrangement, but as usual, they want to follow their own rules. When they fail to make a bust it’s because the SCPD’s tactics were off and their equipment outdated not because they (specifically Oliver and Felicity) have a hard time following orders. And could anyone please do a background check on the new SCPD employee who nuked a city? Pretty sure that should disqualify her from any legit tech roles.

Felicity tells Oliver they have to prove their way is better than the SCPD’s and then they’ll adapt to their way. Oliver uses this moment to ask Felicity if he’s told her how smart she is?

The writers are working overtime to make Felicity less likeable than normal. Basically if you’re Team Boo Felicity, this episode encapsulated all of the problems with the character at this point. My biggest remains everyone’s incessant need to praise her for the smallest thing. Arrow Bingo isn’t complete unless Felicity is praised at least twice in every episode.

Case in point, Dinah says Felicity was right and the SCPD should have digitized their files years ago. No one thought of that in 2019?

Oliver and Felicity go rogue (color me shocked) and bring in the businessman dealing the acidic bullets. Amazingly, the forced confession doesn’t hold up so Midas is free to go. It’s not like Oliver and Felicity don’t have any comprehension of the law yet they thought this would work. Dinah calls out Oliver who says being patient wasn’t working for him — I thought that was Felicity’s plan??? Rene also gets on Dinah who says her Canary Cry is gone. Poor Dinah only gets encouragement from Rene while everyone falls over themselves to prop up Felicity.

Diggle thankfully calls out Oliver for not giving the partnership a fair shake. Felicity drops the baby news, but Diggle sticks to his guns that they need to work within the partnership. Fair enough so later on Oliver apologizes for being Oliver. Dinah apologizes for acting as the police captain expecting her officers to follow her orders. Felicity apologizes for, what a second, Felicity never needs to apologize!


They’ve got a new lead on Midas and Oliver tells everyone to suit up. Hey, is Oliver in charge of the SCPD or Dinah? Asking for a friend. Fully costumed up, Team Arrow brings in Midas and somehow this time it’s legit since they had the SCPD there as well. So all that tension worked itself out in 10 minutes then? Great.

Somehow this leads to Dinah blackmailing leveraging Pollard’s friendship with Midas to get a special vigilante task force set up, which can operate in the Arrow Cave. Cool, so we’re back to normal already. Diggle gives Felicity something for her morning sickness, but then makes me nauseous with this dialogue: Morning sickness or not you’ve not missed a beat. You were absolutely amazing out there. Your tech was phenomenal was absolutely wonderful.

OK seriously Felicity didn’t do anything special this week. She’s been tapping into satellites since college. This is nothing new for her. Call me when she creates a virtual reality experience to predict criminal’s actions like…oh that’s right! Curtis!

Back at Casa Queen, Felicity proposes Lucas if they have a son. Oliver wants to go with Mia, short for Maura. Huh? I get the sentiment, but I’d never get Mia from Maura.

In the other subplot this week, Laurel gets a call from Ben Turner. He was stuck in solitary confinement when Diaz was killed and identifies Emiko as the killer. When Laurel confronts her, Emiko asks why anyone would believe Black Siren. How would she know that??

arrow training day review - mia and william

Back to the future subplot. Mia and William go to a market looking for a mini cassette player. This was uneventful beyond showing Mia has a temper like her father while William is a genius that needs constant affirmation. They’re able to finally play Felicity’s message as she apologizes for keeping them apart for their own safety (naturally) and gives them coordinates to give to the team. What team? Naturally, William and Mia decide they’re going to the coordinates themselves.

Training Day was pretty much what I expected as the writers quickly backed out of the SCPD storyline they’d painted themselves in while slowly advancing the future subplot. I figure this season is going to continue being whatever the heck it is, but I’m more interested in how the final 10 episodes next season will play out.

Rating: 4 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW