WWE Flashback Series Rick Rude figure review

Ravishing Rick Rude was one of those guys who was perfectly cast as a vain, egotistical tough guy. Not everyone can pull off bad a$$ while swiveling their hips. As part of the Build a Howard Finkel figure wave, Mattel released a popular paintjob/outfit choice based off of Rude’s first WWF figure from Hasbro. This is one of the few recent Basic figures I really wish Mattel will revisit as an Elite. For now let’s see if the Flashback Series Rick Rude is simply ravishing or revolting.

Packaging:  The Flashback Series has a nice collector friendly presentation with a big portrait of the figure against a red, white and blue backdrop. I prefer the Basic package since we get a bigger wrestler portrait.

We also get a very big insert of the BAF Fink as well. The rear is less exciting than the Elites since there’s no bio and just a part breakdown. I do appreciate the very easy guide as to what figure comes with what part. But again, Mattel needs to make the BAF part more visible so people don’t get ripped off by swappers or thieves.

Likeness:  The Flashback Series Rick Rude is basically a rehash of existing figures. We’ve seen the head sculpt from the Elite 40 Rude. It’s a good one although still not the bushy, curly hairstyle Rude rocked at the peak of his WWF run.

WWE Flashback Basic Rick Rude figure review - posing with Brain

Scale: Rude is 6’3” putting him taller than guys like the 6’2” Ultimate Warrior or the 5’10” Ricky Steamboat. The Basic figure is oddly shorter than the Elite version.

Paint: I was a little annoyed that my Rude’s head had a big paint rub along the right cheek. It’s so obvious I’m surprised it made it out of the factory. Besides that issue, the rest of the paint job is fine. The hair line is sharp as well as the mustache and Rude’s tattoo is included as well despite this being a Basic figure. That was Rude’s only tattoo so it would be a glaring omission.

The tights are a much simpler design before Rude became the king of airbrushed tights. The stripped pattern is accurate to the Hasbro figure, but Rude’s actual tights had more color variations of the purple.



WWE Flashback Basic Rick Rude figure review - stretching out ultimate warrior

Articulation:  Since cutting some of the articulation, Basic figures have reached an even greater level of uselessness. It’s really a function of the hip movement. Even if Mattel went with more of a hinge style for Basics, it’d be better than the barely functional range that’s in play now.

Rude can pull off a halfway decent Rude Awakening, but anything more complicated than punching is going to be tricky.

WWE Flashback Basic Rick Rude figure review - rude awakening to tito santana

WWE Flashback Series Rick Rude has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • knee
  • ankle

WWE Flashback Basic Rick Rude figure review - posing over tito

Accessories:  As a Basic figure, there was little chance Rude would come with a cloth robe, which would be the only extra needed.

WWE Flashback Basic Rick Rude figure review - accessories

He does come with the legs for the Build-a-Fink figure.

Worth it?  At $13, Rude is a fair value since Basics without BAF pieces are at the $10-$11 range.

Rating:  7 out of 10

Unlike some of the other figures in this wave, which work fine as outside the ring versions of characters, the Basic limitations hurt Rude. If you just want a museum style display though, this figure is fine and is necessary for The Fink.

WWE Flashback Basic Rick Rude figure review - with IC title

Where to get it?  The Flashback Series is exclusive to Wal-Mart, but you can actually get him cheaper now on Amazon.