Marvel Legends Prowler figure review

Prowler is one of those Spider-Man villains who quickly came around and started playing by the rules. Like a lot of Spidey characters, he had a brief moment of popularity resulting in a short-lived solo series. But now he’s immortalized with his first Marvel Legends figure. Did this one manage to sneak up on me?

Packaging:  Prowler might be the 50th Marvel Legends figure I’ve reviewed in 2018. This means I’ve long since exhausted something to say about the package. His especially seems bare with a white/grey backdrop.

Marvel Legends Prowler figure review - package bio

The tricky thing with his color scheme is the Build a Figure Lizard leg gets lost. Look carefully to avoid swappers. The side portrait is cool and does a nice job of showcasing the unique look of this costume. Not as surprising, the bio is very generic.

Likeness:  Prowler has a pretty cool look with his mask, flowing cape and gauntlets.

Marvel Legends Prowler figure review - wide shot

In an effort to maintain the expected level of movement, Hasbro emphasized Prowler’s cape turtleneck look while positioning the rest of it behind his shoulders. It loses that classic visual of the draped over the shoulders look. It’s a compromise for the articulation sake. I wonder if Hasbro would ever consider including multiple capes for display and action poses. Don’t bother with the cape peg as it positions the cape in a weird floating style unless you’ve got the superglue handy.

To allow for reuse, the gauntlets are an add-on piece, but Hasbro left them free floating. You’ll want to superglue them right away. The cartridges around the boots might not require superglue as you should be able to jam them up to the boot tops firmly.

Marvel Legends Prowler figure review - preparing to strike

Scale:  Prowler uses the Spider-Man UK body, which is one of my favorite newer molds. He’s got a few new pieces like the clawed hands and the belt. That makes him slightly taller than the average figure, but not too noticeable.

Marvel Legends Prowler figure review - scale with electro, miles and spider-man

Paint:  In the comics, Prowler has a much lighter shade of purple. Going with the darker shade makes him look more imposing, but it also loses a lot of the cool factor of the mask. And it makes him look too similar to other green and purple villains specifically The Green Goblin.

Shade choices aside, the paint job is nearly flawless. There’s a few marks and clumpy paint in the chest portion as even with intentional green in the mix, the yellow still proves tricky to apply properly. It’s more along the searching it out lines as I had to look close to see it.


Marvel Legends Prowler figure review - in action

Articulation: Here’s where the cape positioning comes into play. Prowler has a great full range of motion and can aim, gesture and punch without the cape riding up on him every time you move him. You trade that easy movement for wonky looking aesthetics though as he’ll look goofy in a lot of poses thanks to the cape going all over.

Prowler has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • biceps
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • boot
  • ankles

Marvel Legends Prowler figure review - vs spider-manAccessories:  Prowler doesn’t operate with his mask off, but still to showcase one of the few black supervillains in the Spider-Man corner of the Marvel universe, it would have been nice to have an unmasked portrait. Especially since he doesn’t have any other accessories.

Marvel Legends Prowler figure review - accessories

Additionally, Prowler comes with the right leg of the Lizard Build a Figure. I’m still a little torn on the Lizard thanks to needing to get some figures I don’t care about.

Worth it?  I got him for under $20. I always count it a win to get Marvel Legends cheaper than retail. Some are probably worth more, but for a guy without accessories, $18 was the sweet spot.

Marvel Legends Prowler figure review - face off with Miles Morales Spider-Man

Rating: 8 out of 10

I wish the purple was lighter as it would help Prowler to stand out in the overly green and purple Spider-Man shelf. Beyond that, I really like the figure and think he’s a great addition to Spidey’s Rogues.

Marvel Legends Prowler figure review - advancingWhere to get it?  This wave has been at Target, Wal-Mart and GameStop. If you can’t find him there, you can always grab him from Hasbrotoyshop or