Gotham: I Am Bane review S5 E10

Gotham isn’t even gone yet, but man, I’m gonna miss this show! I Am Bane accomplished a ton, including the big payoff for the Bane subplot and possibly one of the greatest moments in the series’ existence. I realize we’re at the point where some of the things I want to see from Gotham just can’t get worked in and it’s bummed me out considering how much fun this season has been.

Gotham’s death cheat code, Hugo Strange, kept Eduardo from dying and with some venomous green liquid, enhanced his abilities. More on that later, it’s unification day! What Gordon and everyone has been working towards for over a year. Riddler and Penguin smartly did not rely on Jim Gordon to make everything right. Their sub is almost completed just as Barbara’s water breaks. No chance of those guys leaving without her, right? Yeah, didn’t think so either. And Barbara knows who she’s dealing with as well and took a piece of equipment they’d need to get the sub running.

The military has arrived and they’ve signed off on everything. Finally, everything is turning up roses for Jim. Whoops, announcer’s jinx. Eduardo and his crew arrive and kidnap Bruce, Jim and the general.

Shane West’s Bane voice is cool. His outfit…still isn’t. Gotham execs were probably wise in releasing those pics so we could get our disgust with the design out of the way. To some extent, it makes sense for what Eduardo’s been through in the show, but it doesn’t evoke nearly enough of the classic Bane design. Compare that with Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Riddler, etc and it’s a huge design misfire.


Walker orders Bane to beat down Jim, who not shockingly thought her beef was with him. It’s not always about you Jimbo! Walker wants Bruce to say the name of why she’s so focused on destroying Gotham. Bruce shows he’s not quite the world’s greatest detective just yet and takes a while to figure out she’s talking about Ra’s al Ghul. She’s his daughter. No, not Talia, but rather Nyssa al Ghul. Considering so much of this season has felt inspired by Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, it was nice that the writers mixed it up a little here.

But Nyssa knows Bruce wasn’t the only one who had a hand in her father’s death and orders Bane to go after Barbara. Gotham’s sneaky MVP is feeling the labor pains, but maybe it’s just from the heels she’s wearing while trying to not have a baby at this exact moment? Barbara’s line of ‘nothing is more painful than what I’m going through right now’ perfectly set up Bane’s arrival. Besides the weak design, Bane is appropriately menacing and threatening even if he’s more Darth Vader than Bane.

With Bane on the hunt, Penguin raises a good point about gathering around the target. Barbara’s suggestion that they’d stick around to be chivalrous was hilarious. Riddler and Penguin do decide to stay behind to keep Bane busy however. Their cackling after unleashing oxygen tank missiles reminds me of the Batman TV show in the best way possible. But when Bane walks through unscathed, they figured they’ve done enough heroic acts especially now that Riddler stole the piece Barbara stole from the sub.

gotham - i am bane review - penguin and riddler

Fine, she’ll have to do it herself. Barbara gunning down Bane’s crew while fighting through labor pains might be one of the best things ever in Gotham. She delivers a baby girl just as Bane arrives. Fortunately, Alfred and Selina arrive to distract Bane.  This ends…badly as Bane pummels Alfred and breaks his back?

Meanwhile, Bruce has managed to free himself via burning his ropes over a candle. I love seeing Bruce honing his Batman instincts! He finds Jim and the general and escapes Nyssa’s base. Even though they checked to make sure Strange hadn’t hooked him up with a mind control gizmo, the general is a puppet of Nyssa. He orders the bombing run on Gotham as Bruce, Jim and Bullock look on.

At least Barbara and Lee are safe. Oh. Nyssa made it to Sirens first and killed all of Barbara’s bodyguards. That’s not exactly a great baby present, Nyssa.

I Am Bane was a shocking episode that paid off one of the season’s big mysteries. Despite its ties to the Nolan saga, Gotham forged its own path that should make these final two episodes very eventful. Too bad we’e gotta wait a few more weeks to see how it all plays out.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: FOX