WWE Flashback Series Ultimate Warrior figure review

For some reason I love when wrestlers go with a USA theme attire. The red, white and blue makes for a terrific color combination especially when a wrestler incorporates it into their normal outfit. Even more so when they rock the stars and stripes against a heel foreign sympathizer. One of my all-time favorite looks for The Ultimate Warrior was his Royal Rumble 1991 attire.

Warrior sported this sweet black leather jacket and had a cool white, blue and red color combo for his attire and face paint. He shockingly went on to lose the WWF title to Iraqi sympathizer Sgt. Slaughter in one of the more memorable title changes in WWF history. After years of requests from fans, Mattel finally took a stab at this iconic look for Wal-Mart’s exclusive WWE Flashback series. It’s not a perfect recreation, but I’m glad to have the figure in my collection. Let’s break it down.

Package: I dig the Flashback packaging setup. The box is smaller and the color scheme helps to make this line pop. I don’t like the incorrectly photoshopped portrait on the side as it’s like Mattel is trying to fool people with the changes. Interestingly, the two factoids don’t mention anything about this particular attire. That’s weird since this is hardly the first Warrior figure so the bio doesn’t need to be so generic.

WWE Flashback Ultimate Warrior figure review - package bio

At the bottom, there’s the rest of the lineup with yellow highlighting around Warrior and the Build A Set piece included with him. In an effort to limit thefts, Warrior is tied down with small plastic clips.

Likeness:  OK, the deal with Ultimate Warrior was he constantly changed his look up especially once he became WWF champ. One of the biggest changes was his hair. For some reason, Mattel opted to go with an older hair sculpt instead of the far more accurate hair sculpt used on the Hall of Fame figure.

WWE Flashback Ultimate Warrior figure review -holding title up

This is one of those weird, questionable decisions Mattel seems to make more and more of lately. It’s the kind of thing I slammed Jakks for and Mattel definitely doesn’t deserve a pass here. Hopefully the wider hair sculpt can be applied to this head. This would be a great excuse to buy the otherwise useless Defining Moments Warrior figure. Otherwise, Mattel should have just used that head sculpt to avoid the trouble.

WWE Flashback Ultimate Warrior figure review -ultimate warrior army

Beyond the head issues, the Warrior looks good with the bicep and knee pad tassels to complete the attire. Warrior wore three tassels around his bicep, but Mattel went with two for sticklers to detail. The boot tassels aren’t the normal layered versions, but the straight streamers version is more in line with what Warrior wore for the Rumble. For some odd reason, Mattel went with regular lace boots, which Warrior never wore.

WWE Flashback Ultimate Warrior figure review -scale with hulk hogan, rick rude, slaughter and honky tonk man

Scale:  Ultimate Warrior was 6’2” placing him shorter than the 6’4″ Sgt Slaughter and much shorter than the 6’7” Hulk Hogan and 6’10” Undertaker. Mattel has always scaled him wrong so he’s much closer than he should be. Not a surprise at this point.

Paint: Let me get this out the way right away — Mattel stuck with its half measures on the head and didn’t bother to paint the hair the dirty blonde style Warrior had at the time. That’s not surprising, but still a little annoying. The rest of the paintjob is pretty good with strong work with the facepaint and all of the various tampos of the Warrior logo.

WWE Flashback Ultimate Warrior figure review -tight detail

The boot mold proves problematic here as the laces botch up the tampo application creating a somewhat sloppy looking appearance. And the line work on the back of the tights isn’t quite right either.

WWE Flashback Ultimate Warrior figure review -posing

Articulation:  Warrior was a runaway truck style wrestler who used very few — if any — scientific moves. That makes re-enacting his moves real easy. Press slams, shoulder tackles, big splash? You name it, there’s no trouble here. The Elite body always works best for straight ahead brawlers.

WWE Flashback Ultimate Warrior figure review -shoulder tackle to sgt. slaughter

The Ultimate Warrior has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double jointed)
  • ankle

Accessories: The jacket wold have made for a nice touch, but Warrior didn’t wear it to ringside so I won’t gripe about Mattel not including it. Mattel did add a pretty cool accessory with a breakable specter, which Macho King used to shatter against Warrior’s head and give Slaughter the win. That’s a great accessory and I’d love to see Mattel incorporate these kind of unique add ons.

Additionally, Warrior has a turquoise WWF title. Warrior changed up the leather for his belts all the time. This is the same title as the Hall of Fame figure and not the match accurate lavender leather strap. Take another couple of points off for accuracy.

WWE Flashback Ultimate Warrior figure review - accessories

Warrior comes with the video camera for the backstage Build-A-Summerslam set. I like these little pieces as they can be used for a ton of backstage segments.

WWE Flashback Ultimate Warrior figure review -wearing wwf title

Worth it? I got Warrior for $18, cheaper than the normal $20 Elite price. Given the various accuracy issues, I appreciate not having to pay more than $20.

Rating: 8 out of 10

This attire was one of the hardest to customize thanks to the precise work needed on the logos. Mattel’s puzzling part choices hold this back from being perfect though, which is annoying since they had everything needed to make for a definitive Royal Rumble Ultimate Warrior.

WWE Flashback Ultimate Warrior figure review -shaking the ropes

Where to Get It?  The WWE Flashback line is a Wal-Mart exclusive. They’ve done a much better than normal job of stocking the series, but I’d still get them when you see them.  If you don’t want to track him down, grab him from Amazon.com.